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Best Paper List

Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title ASI number
Best P.A.1Dr Vibhu SharmaDr Vijay Langer
Dr Subhash Chawla
Dr Rashmi Dutta
Command Hospital Western CommandComparative analysis between saline dressings and Fat Grafting for healing in diabetic foot ulcers AL 26433
Best P.A.2Dr Aniket SharmaDr Venkat Narayanan RArmed Forces Medical College, PuneEffect of tarsal tunnel decompression on ulcer healing and relief of neuropathic pain in diabetic footAL 26432
Best P.A.3Dr Devesh Sanjeev BallalDr Kavya Rajgopal ShenoyKasturba Medical College, ManipalThe role of abdominal x-rays contemporary surgical practiceAL 22580
Best P.A.4Dr Harshal A Chohatakar Dr Vibha Ramesh
Dr Niranjan P
Dr Lakshman K
Sagar Hospitals, BangaloreMinimally Invasive Surgery: Are we doing it right?AL 25960
Best P.A.5Dr Jothirajan GDr Maruthupandian D
Dr Latha D
Dr Saravanan C
Dr Thirumalaikannan S
Dr Jayakumar P
Madurai Medical College, MaduraiRole of anti-histamine cetirizine on seroma reduction and post operative outcome in patients underwent inguinal hernioplastyAL 26244
Best P.A.6Dr Shruti PanditDr Dinesh B VKasturba Medical College, ManipalUltrasound guided aspiration verses surgical drainage in the management of breast abscess - A comparative studyAL 25912
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title ASI number
Best P.B.1Dr Prashanth A TDr Rajashekara Reddy
Dr Ravishankar H R
Dr Sachin D Nale
Sagar Hospitals, BangaloreImpact of Laparoscopic training in NovicesAL 26005
Best P.B.2 Dr Nishnata Koirala Dr Kalaivani V Ramayya Medical College, Bangalore Assessment of efficacy of sentinel lymph node biopsy in node negative breast cancer using methylene blue dye AL 26365
Best P.B.3 Dr Ronmita Pal Dr Makhanlal Saha IGPMER, Kolkata A prospective study to assess the role of diagnostic laparoscopy and emphasis on staging in patients with intraabdominal malignancy AL 26291
Best P.B.4 Dr Manjunath P Mulgaonkar Dr Naresh Meena Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner Clinical and epidemiological study of hydatid cyst and its management AL 26544
Best P.B.5 Dr Jigardeep Singh Dr Jenaw R.K SMS Medical College, Jaipur Comparison of static implant in Lichtenstein and Fixation-free dynamic self retaining implant in open inguinal hernia repair in regards to immediate post operative pain AL 25909
Best P.B.6 Dr Karthik Velmurugan Dr Chethan Kisehan Chand Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Early versus Delayed primary closure in contaminated laparotomies AL 26543
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title ASI number
Best P.C.1 Dr Dasari Kalyani Rama Nil Govt General Hospital, Guntur VATS in penetrating thoracic injuries FL 33973
Best P.C.2 Dr Surendra Kumar G Dr Ramakrishnan Cancer Institute (WIA)-Chennai Perioperative chemotherapy versus adjuvant chemotherapy in gastric carcinoma: Experience of a Regional Cancer Centre FL 30874
Best P.C.3 Dr Suhani Dr Rajinder Parshad AIIMS, New Delhi Muscle Sparing Lattismus Dorsi Flap In Breast Reconstruction: Our Experience FL 19202
Best P.C.4 Dr Metta Jayachandra Reddy Capt Dr Shankaran R AFMC, Pune Microbial Surveillance In Operation Theatre Staff - A Study In Tertiary Care Hospital FL 32476
Best P.C.5 Dr Ramniwas Meena Dr Sanjeev Saha
Dr Rahul Khanna
IMS, BHU, Varanasi Analysis of serum level of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol, calcium and lipid profile in carcinoma breast FL 18224
Best P.C.6 Dr Magesh M Dr Prakash Agarwal
Dr Madhu Ramasundaram
Dr Jegadeesh Sundaram
SRM, Porur Laparoscopic management of uncomplicated intestinal malrotation in children FL 15410
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title ASI number
Best P.D.1 Dr Sam Koruth Dr Rishad
Dr Nidhin N
Dr Bharath Arun
Dr Arunesh Dubey
Dr Vimal Iype
Lourdes Hospital, Kochi Pseudoaneurysms post procedures & trauma- An endovascular approach FL 31880
Best P.D.2 Dr Akriti Komal Dr Jainendra Kumar Peerless Hospital, Kolkata Ileostomy in acute abdominal GI emergencies: Its justification and morbidities FL 7969
Best P.D.3 Dr Bharath Basavaraju NIL PES IMS, Kuppam, AP Comparison of Pulp Score and AAST EGS grading system in prediction of outcome of perforated peptic ulcer disease in rural hospital FL 32536
Best P.D.4 Dr Ashish Dey Dr Tarun Mittal
Dr Abhilash N
Dr Vinod K Malik
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi Use of pre-shaped 3 D polypropylene mesh without fixation in totally extra-peritoneal repair: A prospective study FL 16914
Best P.D.5 Dr Divya Dahiya Dr Divya Dahiya PGIMER, Chandigarh Efficacy of melatonin on sleep quality after laparoscopic cholecystectomy FL 10397
Best P.D.6 Dr Mithun Raam Dr John Mathew
Dr Antonisamy B
Dr Vijay Abraham
Dr Paul M.J
Christian Medical College, Vellore Etiological evaluation of idiopathic granulomatous mastitis by a prospective case control study FL 34197
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title ASI number
Best P.E.1 Dr Varuna Sathyanarayan Dr Archana Elangovan
Dr Sadasivam Sureshkumar
Dr.Mahalakshmy Thulasingam
Dr Vikram Kate
JIPMER, Pondicherry Association between variceal bleed and helicobacter pylori infection in patients of cirrhosis with portal hypertension- A cohort study AL 26523
Best P.E.2 Dr Ashwath Venkataramana V.H Dr Anand Aladi
Dr Harindranath
BMCRI,Bangalore A comparative study on laparoscopic versus open pyloromyotomy for the treatment of infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in a tertiary center AL 26504
Best P.E.3 Dr Nisha B Jain Dr Gayatri B St Johns MC,Bangalore Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) in acute pancreatitis as an early predictor of severity and outcome AL 24664
Best P.E.4 Dr Santhosh Kumar T B Dr Sunilkumar M Mysore Medical College A comparative study of reliability and validity of the Braden scale and Norton scale for predicting pressure ulcer risk AL 24994
Best P.E.5 Dr Ann Rhoda Abraham Dr Shruthi Kamal V
Dr Surya Rao V.M
Saveetha M C, Chennai Virtual surgery planning in cranio-synostosis surgery AL 25741
Best P.E.6 Dr Nitin Oommen Ninan Dr Vishwanath M Pattanshetti JN Medical College, Belagavi A one year randomized control study to compare the outcomes of two incisions three ports and four ports laparoscopic cholecystectomy AL 25821
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title ASI number
Best P.F.1 Dr Kartik Sahu Dr Sunmathi
Dr Anil P Bellad
KLE-Medical College, Belagavi An observational study on effect of carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum on liver function test in laparoscopic cholecystectomy AL 26580
Best P.F.2 Dr Deepak G Dr Raja Shekara Babu BMCRI, Bangalore Non operative management of Blunt Splenic Trauma: A prospective evaluation of a standardized treatment AL 25890
Best P.F.3 Dr Mohit Birla Dr Siddharth Verma RNT Medical College, Udaipur A study on raised serum LDH level in acute intestinal obstruction - A marker of bowel gangrene AL 26554
Best P.F.4 Dr Girish Saradhna Dr Suresh JLN Medical College, Ajmer Serum total cholesterol and Serum ablumin level would predict surgical site infections AL 26522
Best P.F.5 Dr Ramkumar Dr Ratna Chopra Hindu Rao Hospital, New Delhi Pre operative drain in resuscitative phase of peritonitis patients AL 25561
Best P.F.6 Dr Prajwal S Fernandes Dr Santhosh C S BMCRI, Bangalore A comparative study between continuous and x-interrupted sutures in emergency midline laparotomies AL 26474

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