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27th December 2018

Start Time End Time Topic Speaker
09:00 AM10:00 AMGIT & SURGEON
09:00 AM09:20 AMLecture - 1
“Strategies to minimize Bile Duct Injuries”
Dr. Jeevan Kankaria
09:20 AM09:40 AMLecture - 2
“What Makes GIST Tic? The Pathology of GIST”
Dr. Ramakrishnan A.S
09:40 AM10:00 AMLecture - 3
“Meckel’s Diverticulum”- Challenge to Surgeons
Dr. Noor Topno
10:00 AM10:45 AMCol. Pandalai Oration
“Transforming breast healthcare in India through disruptive innovation” Dr. Raghu Ram P
10:45 AM11:30 AMPresidential Oration
“Evolution of Surgery - Human mind vs Technology”Dr. Dilip Gode
11:30 AM12:00 PMDr. P.K Sen Oration
“Anatomy & the Surgeon”Dr. Subramanyeshwar Rao T
12:00 PM03:00 PMHow I do it? Videos from Masters
Moderator :- Dr. Adarsh Chaudhary, New Delhi
12:00 PM12:15 PMLap FundoplicationDr. Roy Patankar
12:15 PM12:30 PMLeft hepatectomyDr. Anand Ramamurthy
12:30 PM12:45 PMThyroidectomyDr. Santhosh John Abraham
12:45 PM01:00 PMLap EsophagectomyDr. Suraj Pawar
01:00 PM01:15 PMComponent separation for large abdominal wall herniaDr. Vikas Singhal
01:15 PM01:30 PMHand assisted lap anterior resection Dr. Amanjeet Singh
01:30 PM01:45 PMLap Ivor Lewis Esophagectomy Dr. Pardeep Jain
New Delhi
01:45 PM02:00 PMLIFT for Fistula in anoDr. Parthasarathy
02:00 PM02:15 PMTEP for inguinal herniaDr. Parveen Bhatia
New Delhi
02:15 PM02:30 PMOpen HaemorrhoidectomyDr. Ashok Ladha
02:30 PM02:45 PMLaparoscopic IPOMDr. Baiju Senadhipan
02:45 PM03:00 PMLaparoscopic distal pancreatectomyDr. Rajesh Bhojwani
03:00 PM06:00 PMHall remains vacant for preparation of Inauguration
06:00 PM07:00 PMInauguration
Start Time End Time Topic Speaker
09:00 AM10:00 AMGroin Hernia & Surgeon
09:00 AM09:20 AMLecture - 4
Post Herniorrhaphy Chronic Grain Pain
Dr. Das C.R
09:20 AM09:40 AMLecture - 5
Infected Mesh : Treatment options including salvage
Dr. Narain N.P
09:40 AM10:00 AMLecture - 6
Principles of Groin Hernia Repair
Dr. Sanjay Marwah
10:00 AM11:30 AMOrations in Hall A
11:30 AM01:00 PMSymposium - 1
“Management of Intraoperative bile duct injuries after laparoscopic cholecystectomy”
Convener : Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti, Ahmedabad
“Prevention of Bileduct injuries - Principles of safe cholecystectony”Dr. Virinder Kumar Bansal
New Delhi
“Intraoperative management of bileduct injuries”Dr. Ibrarullah M
“Management of Bile leaks after Cholecystectomy”Dr. Chetan Kantharia
“Repair of Bileduct Strictures”Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti
“Management of complications - Cholangitis, Sec. Biliary cirrhosis & recurrent strictures”Dr. Kannan
01:00 PM01:30 PMDr. Panchanan Chatterjee Endowment Lecture
“Immersive “Technology Enhanced Learning” (TEL) using Virtual Reality for globalisation of surgical education”Mr. Bijendra Patel
London, UK
01:30 PM02:00 PMDr N. Balakrishna Rao Oration
"Carcinoma of THYROID :- Is Genetics and Molecular biology changing concepts in management strategy?"Mr. Satish K Shukla
02:00 PM02:30 PM“Prof. K. Krishnamoorthy Golden Independence Conference Commemorative Oration 2018”
“Manners, Etiquette & Deportment - The Surgeon’s Best Friends”Dr. Rajan C.S
02:30 PM03:00 PMGuest Lecture – 1
“Impact of Newer Technologies in futuristic Surgical Practice”Dr Palanivelu C
03:00 PM03:30 PMDr Jaipal Singh Memorial Oration
"The core competencies:- Why, What and How"Dr. Anand Kumar
03:30 PM04:00 PMGuest Lecture – 2
“Vascular surgery-from open to minimal access”Prof Hanafiah Harunarashid
President of College of Surgeons of Malaysia
04:00 PM04:30 PMDr. Ramesh Nigam Memorial Oration
“Revision Bariatric Surgery-The evolving reality”Dr. Randeep Wadhawan
New Delhi
04:30 PM05:00 PMInvited Lecture - 1
“Surgery, Science & Religion. Can there be a synthesis?"Dr. Desai P.B
05:00 PM05:30 PMGuest Lecture – 3
“Competency Based Training"Prof Dr. Aye Mon
President of College of Surgeons of Myanmar
05:30 PM06:00 PMInvited Lecture - 2
“Newer modalities in Immediate Breast Reconstruction-Breast Surgeon’s Perspective"Dr. Neeraj Kumar Garg
Brixton, United Kingdom
06:00 PM07:00 PMInauguration in Hall A
Start Time End Time Topic Speaker
09:00 AM10:00 AMSepsis & Surgeon
09:00 AM09:20 AMLecture - 7
"Recent Concepts in Surgical Site Infections"
Dr. Prasan Kumar Hota
09:20 AM09:40 AMLecture - 8
"Diagnosing ICU Infections and Guiding Antibiotic Therapy"
Dr. Ankur Maheswari
09:40 AM10:00 AMLecture - 9
"Vasopressors : The Road to Life or Death?"
Dr. Lakshman K
10:00 AM11:30 AMOrations in Hall A
11:30 AM01:00 PMSymposium – 2 “Oral Cancers”
“Introduction & Background"Dr. Raj Govind Sharma
“Epidemiology, Risk factors and Premalignant lesions"Dr. Deo S.V.S
New Delhi
“Staging and Principles of Surgical Management"Dr. Jagjit Pandey
“Management of Neck"Dr. Arvind Krishnamurthy
“Reconstruction & Rehabilitation"Dr. Jadunath Buragohain
“Management of advanced lesions and Future perspectives"Dr. Rajshekhar Jaka
01:00 PM01:30 PMInvited Lecture - 3
“The technique and prognosis of robotic Rong's procedure"Prof Liu-Rong
Prof of HPB Surgery, PLA Hospital, Beijing,China
01:30 PM02:30 PMBail out in biliary Sepsis
Moderator:- Dr. Siddesh G, Mysuru
Panelists:- Dr. Moirangthem G.S, Imphal, Dr. Rathnaswami A, Chennai, Dr. Sundeep Jain, Jaipur, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Varanasi, Dr. Aparna Despande, Mumbai
02:30 PM03:00 PMGuest Lecture - 4
“ERAS-What Henrik Kehlet didn¹t tell you and what has happened since then."Dr. Andrew Hill
President International Society of Surgery
Prof. of Surgery, New Zealand
03:00 PM04:00 PMPanel Discussion ENDOSCOPE - A good friend to the Surgeons
Moderator:- Dr. Soppimath S, Hubli
Panelists:- Dr. Krishna Rau B, Chennai, Dr. Mohan Joshi, Mumbai, Dr. Pravin Suryawanshi, Aurangabad, Dr. Easwaramurthy S, Erode, Dr. Rao G.V, Hyderabad
04:00 PM05:00 PMSession on Colonic Surgery
04:00 PM04:20 PMWhen the tic goes boom : Update on complicated diverticulitis managementDr. Shyam Bhutra
04:20 PM04:40 PMERAS in Colorectal SurgeryDr. Rajshekhar Mohan
04:20 PM04:40 PMCurrent management perspective in rectal cancerDr. Tamonas Chaudhari
05:00 PM06:00 PMFaculty Papers - I (6)
06:00 PM07:00 PMInauguration in Hall A
Start Time End Time Topic Speaker
09:00 AM10:00 AMBest Paper - Session - I
10:00 AM11:30 AMOrations in Hall A
11:30 AM12:30 PMPanel Discussion - Management of complex Pancreatico-duodenal injuries
Moderator:- Dr. Achal Gupta, Gwalior
Panelists:- Dr. Ravishankar C, Bangalore, Dr. Venu Madhav, Hyderabad, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Patna, Dr. Rajshekhar Mohan, Mangalore, Dr. Uthira Kumar, Chennai, Dr. Laxman Sastry, Hyderabad
12:30 PM01:30 PMPanel Discussion - Extra-cranial Carotid Disease
Moderator:- Dr. Subramoniyan S. R, Chennai
Panelists:- Dr. Sreekumar R.C, Trivandrum, Dr. Sunil Rajendran , Kozhikode, Dr. Vimal Iype, Kochi, Dr. Deepak Selvaraj, Vellore, Dr. Radhakrishnan Raju, Chennai
01:30 PM02:30 PMStricture in the GI tract - A Surgeon's perspective
Moderator:- Dr. Vikram Kate, Pondicherry
Panelists:- Dr. Chandramohan S.M, Chennai, Dr. Inian Samarasam, Vellore, Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti, Ahmedabad, Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Singh, Lucknow, Dr. Kalayarasan R, Pondicherry
02:30 PM03:00 PMInvited Lecture - 4
“Influence of Bariatric Surgery on Oncology"Dr. Chandra V.N Cheruvu
Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom
03:00 PM03:30 PMInvited Lecture - 6
“Auxiliary liver transplantation for acute liver failure”Dr Parthi Srinivasan
London, United Kingdom
03:30 PM04:00 PMInvited Lecture - 7
COSECSA- training surgeons for Rural AfricaDr Pankaj G Jani
Nairobi, Kenya
President COSECSA
04:00 PM05:00 PMPanel Discussion - Intra - Abdominal Sepsis
Moderator:- Dr. Probal Neogi, Allahabad
Panelists:- Dr. Abdul Quraishi, Nagpur, Dr. Meenakshi Yeola, Wardha, Dr. Gulshan Kumar Garg, Karnal, Dr. Balaji Singh, Chennai, Dr. Santha Rao, Visakhapatanam, Dr. Murtaza Akhtar, Nagpur
05:00 PM06:00 PMPanel Discussion - Incidental Gall Bladder Carcinoma
Moderator:- Dr. Verma G.R, Chandigarh
Panelists:- Dr. Virinder Kumar Bensal, New Delhi, Dr. Subodh Varshney, Bhopal, Dr. Manoj Pandey, Varanasi, Dr. Mohammed Aslam, Aligarh, Dr. Biju Pottekkattu, Pondicherry, Dr. Anil Agarwal, New Delhi
06:00 PM07:00 PMInauguration in Hall A
Start Time End Time Topic Speaker
09:00 AM10:00 AMBest Paper - Session - II (6)
10:00 AM11:30 AMOrations in Hall A
11:45 AM02:00 PMBest State Chapter Paper Session
02:00 PM03:00 PMBest Paper - Session - III (6)
03:00 PM04:00 PMBest Paper - Session - IV (6)
04:00 PM05:00 PMBest Paper - Session - V (6)
05:00 PM06:00 PMBest Paper - Session - VI (6)
06:00 PM07:00 PMInauguration in Hall A

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