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Free Paper List on 28th Dec 2018

PAPER SESSION II - 11:00am - 12:00pm : Hall F
Station 1
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.P.1 Dr Akshay Nagre Dr Satish Deshmukh
Dr Murtaza Akhtar
NKP Salve IMS & LMH, Nagpur Varicose veins of lower limb: Clinical study and management
Free.P.P.2 Dr Ranjith Kumar   Dr Sivakumar T
Dr Manimegalai
Dr Chandrasekar G
Dr Jim Jebakumar
Dr Sridhar
Govt Stanley M C, Chennai Use of cadaveric skin allograft in the management of complicated wounds
Free.P.P.3 Dr Sushrut Kalra Dr Prabha Om
Dr Farukh Khan 
SMS Medical College, Jaipur Role of diagnostic laparoscopy in undiagnosed chronic abdominal pain and its management
Free.P.P.4 Dr Deivanai Sundaram Nachiappan Dr Shanmugam D
Dr Sree Rekha J
Dr Kadambari D
JIPMER, Puducherry Low axillary sampling - An effective alternative to sentinel node biopsy in node negative breast cancer?
Free.P.P.5 Dr Ashok Kumar Yadav Dr Jenaw R.K SMS Medical College, Jaipur Aggravation and recurrence of symptoms of fissure in ano with viral illness. A comparative prospective study at tertiary care center of SMS Hospital Jaipur India
Free.P.P.6 Dr Ankit Daware Dr Murtaza Akhtar NKP Salve IMS & LMH, Nagpur Incisional hernia: Etiological factors, clinical presentation and management
Station 2
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.Q.1 Dr Satyendra Vardhinedi P.V Dr Ratna Chopra
Dr Sameer P Manohar
Hindu Rao hospital, Delhi Prognosis of perforated appendicitis at its base
Free.P.Q.2 Dr Varsha Patil Dr Ameya Sangle Dr Chandorkar S Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune Bacteriological profile in infected upper tract urolithiasis
Free.P.Q.3 Dr Bhushan Trivedi Dr Wilkinson T.R.V
Dr Murtaza Akhtar
NKP Salve IMS & LMH, Nagpur Day care management of Grade I & II bleeding haemorrhoids
Free.P.Q.4 Dr Anusruthi Gopi Dr Sulfekar MS GMC,Trivandrum Clinicoinvestigative factors to differentiate parathyroid carcinoma from benign primary hyperparathyroidism
Free.P.Q.5 Dr Piyush P Nil Lady Hardinge MC, New Delhi Determination of Antral wall thickness in morbid obese patients and its relation with body mass index
Free.P.Q.6 Dr Tejbir Singh Dr Hari J.P Armed Forces Medical College, Pune Minimally invasive surgeries especially laparoscopic surgeries
Station 3
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.R.1 Dr Pranav Mohan Singhal Dr Manu Vats Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi Low serum lipids levels are risk factors for developing surgical site infection following elective surgery
Free.P.R.2 Dr Ranjith Kumar Sridhar Nil SRMC, Chennai Efficacy of Silver foam dressing in diabetic foot ulcers
Free.P.R.3 Dr Suhail Husain Dr Mayank Soni Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal A study of CSF leak after cranial surgery
Free.P.R.4 Dr Pranavi A R Dr Mohsina Subair JIPMER, Pondicherry Assessment of nutritional knowledge and dietary patterns of patients with pancreatitis in South India
Free.P.R.5 Dr Pankaj Narwade Dr Nitin Wasnik
Dr Murtuza Akhtar
NKP Salve IMS & LMH, Nagpur Chronic leg ulcer: Clinicopathological evaluation and management
Free.P.R.6 Dr Satyendra Vardhinedi P.V Dr Ratna Chopra
Dr Sameer P Manohar
Dr Shailendra Kumar Maurya
Hindu Rao hospital, Delhi Cost effective & Economical methods in stoma care and burst abdomen management
Station 4
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.S.1 Dr Rakesh Kumar Srivastava Dr Mumtaz A Anzari IMS, BHU, Varanasi Prevention of nausea and vomiting after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Free.P.S.2 Dr Mahendra Lodha Dr Mahendra Lodha AIIMS, Jodhpur Early experience of laproscopic inguinal hernia surgery from a tertiary care Institute
Free.P.S.3 Dr Madhu Periasamy Dr Madhu Periasamy Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore Surgery in the diabetic foot -An algorithm based on staging
Free.P.S.4 Dr Kanwar Singh Goel Dr Pawan Tiwari SGT Medical College, Budhera, Gurugram Prospective observational study to review the contemporary management of amoebic liver abscess, enhanced series
Free.P.S.5 Dr Thangadurai R R Nil Seethalakshmi Hospital, Gobichettipalayam A novel technique of optimized pure tissue repair of inguinal hernia - Prospectie study with outcome analysis
Free.P.S.6 Dr Harpreet Singh Dr Lakshman Agarwal SMS Medical College, Jaipur An observational study for the evaluation of factors responsible for conversion of laparoscopic cholecystectomy to open cholecystectomy and its conversion rate
Station 5
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.T.1 Dr Rohit Krishna Dr Aravind S Ganapath GMC Trivandrum Adult intussusception- A case series
Free.P.T.2 Dr Hariom Meena Dr Jigerdeep Singh SMS Medical College, Jaipur Overview of patients in trauma after blunt trauma abdomen
Free.P.T.3 Dr Vitish Singla Dr Sunil Chumber
Dr Yashwant Rathod
Dr Nishikant Avinash Damble
Dr Jiten Kumar Singh
AIIMS, Delhi To evaluate the utility of metabolic imaging (FDG PET scan) in undiagnosed pain abdomen
Free.P.T.4 Dr Pankaj C Narwade Dr Nikhil Soni BMCRI, Bangalore Chronic leg ulcer: Clinicopathological evaluation and management
Free.P.T.5 Dr Prashant Girijavallabhan Nair Dr Manu Jose Chirayath GMC, Trivandrum Factors affecting survival outcome of small intestinal GIST
Free.P.T.6 Dr Rewanth Reddy Katamreddy Dr Rewanth Reddy KIMS, Bangalore Effect of cholecystectomy on lipid profile
Station 6
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.U.1 Dr Chadalwada Aditya Dr Ramesh Ardhanari Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai Biliary mapping during laparoscopic cholecystectomy using new tool
Free.P.U.2 Dr Rudradeep Banerjee Dr Diptendra Kumar Sarkar IGPMER, Kolkata Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis - An Audit, IPGME&R Breast Clinic
Free.P.U.3 Dr Chaitanya Krishna Ponnaganti Dr Ravinthar A Meenakshi Medical College,Kancheepurm Diabetic foot- A study of various prognostic factors that influence outcomes
Free.P.U.4 Dr Priyanka R Hegde Dr Kajagar B.M JN Medical College HbA1C levels and wound healing in diabetic foot ulcers in type 2 diabetes
Free.P.U.5 Dr Dron Sharma Dr Gogate A S
Dr Rahul Kenawadekar
Dr Vinod Karagi
J N Medical College , Belagavi Laparoscopic Transfascial Umbilical Hernia Repair: Technique Paper
Free.P.U.6 Dr Kumar Sonal Dr Diptendra Kumar Sarkar IPGMER, Kolkata Case series on parathyroid tumour - A single unit observational study from a tertiary care center over the past 10 years.
Station 7
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.V.1 Dr Tanay Neelang Shah Dr Abhijit S. Gogate J N Medical College, Belagavi A one year randomized controlled trial to compare the effect of early vs late post-operative showering on laparoscopic port site wound infection rates at KLES Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belagavi
Free.P.V.2 Dr Ashfaq Ahmed Dr Medide Veerendra Khaja Bandanawaz Hospital, Kalaburagi Comparison of Plastibell circumcision with conventional circumcision in infants at tertiary care centre
Free.P.V.3 Dr Ajith V L Nil Mysore MC&RI 30-DAY surgical outcome among patients undergone emergency laparotomy in a tertiary care teaching hospital
Free.P.V.4 Dr Revanth Kumar B Dr Sudharshan Reddy KIMS, Bangalore Effectiveness of foam sclerotherapy for incompetent perforators and superficial varicosities of lower limbs
Free.P.V.5 Dr Medide Veerendra Dr Ashfaq Ahmed Khaja Bandanawaz Hospital, Kalaburagi Intra lesional bleomycin as an effective alternate treatment for cystic hygroma in children
Free.P.V.6 Dr Chadalwada Aditya Dr Ramesh Ardhanari Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai Ureteric mapping during pelvic dissection
Station 8
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.W.1 Dr Ajith V L Dr Shyama S Mysore MC&RI Clinicopathological characteristics of colorectal cancer: An audit from a tertiary care center in Karnataka
Free.P.W.2 Dr Anukethan J Dr Revanth Kumar KIMS, Bangalore “ Is there any benefit of same admission cholecystectomy for mild biliary pancreatitis” ?
Free.P.W.3 Dr Joseph Francis Dr Prashant Nair GMC, Trivandrum Clinicopathological profiling and outcome of retroperitoneal sarcomas
Free.P.W.4 Dr Jothi Prasad V Dr Sarveswaran V
Dr Surees Kumar
Dr Anand Bharathan
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore A study on Groove Pancreatitis
Free.P.W.5 Dr Katragadda Satyavani Dr Satya Vani K KIMS, Bangalore DUSS -(Diabetic Ulcer Severity Score) A wound based score to assess diabetic foot outcome
Free.P.W.6 Dr Anurag Sharma Dr Kunal Vinayak GMC, Bhopal Clinicopathological evaluation of 50 cases colorectal carcinoma at Gandhi Medical College And Hamidia Hospital Bhopal
Station 9
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.X.1 Dr Prethivee Nagarajan Nil Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute Spectrum of case presentations in complicated gall stone diseases –A case series
Free.P.X.2 Dr Ramya M V Dr Mallikarjuna N Manangi BMCRI, Bangalore Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in acute cholecystitis : "When timing is not everything"
Free.P.X.3 Dr Suganth Sarvesh .P Dr Balaji D SRM Medical College, A study on coexistence between inguinal hernia and benign prostatic hyperplasia
Free.P.X.4 Dr Jagarlamudi Tejaswi Ranganayakulu Dr Arun H N BMCRI, Bangalore A clinical study on various surgical approaches to oral cancer
Free.P.X.5 Dr Arun Gowda Keelara Dr Rudresh H K
Dr Satish C
M S Ramaiah MC, Bangalore Assessment of interpectoral lymph nodes involvement in nodal positive breast cancer
Free.P.X.6 Dr Sridhar Bakthavatchalam NIL Stanley Medical College, Chennai A comparitive study between closure and non-closure of peritoneum during open appendicectomy
Station 10
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.Y.1 Dr Jayas Siby Dr Sulfekar MS GMC, Thiruvananthapuram Small intestinal tumours - A case series
Free.P.Y.2 Dr Naveen Kumar S Dr Sandeep Kumar Y C Raja Rajeswari MC, Bangalore Role of serum bilirubin in predicting the severity of acute appendicitis
Free.P.Y.3 Dr Sooryabhala Sivacoumarane Dr Sreekesh P V JIPMER, Puducherry Effect of topical insulin on wound healing in diabetic foot ulcer-A prospective randomized controlled trial
Free.P.Y.4 Dr Alex Xavier Chakiath Dr Joseph Francis GMC, Trivandrum Comparative study of operative versus non operative management for grade 3, 4, 5 splenic injuries
Free.P.Y.5 Dr Lipika Ragukumar Dr Manisa Pattanayak  Himalayan IMS, Dehradun Outcome analysis of standard prognostic factors in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC).
Free.P.Y.6 Dr Balamarimuthu P Dr McEnroe Mordom GMC, Trivandrum Study of effectiveness of sonoguided hydrostatic reduction in the management of paediatric intussusception
Station 11
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AA.1 Dr Raghavendra Ballal Dr Basavara J.T JJM Medical College A prospective study on cystic swellings of the neck - Our experience
Free.P.AA.2 Dr Harsha Narayan Dr Sajan Sehgal JSS,Mysore Analysis of upper gastro-intestinal endoscopic findings in patients with gall stone disease who present with dyspepsia
Free.P.AA.3 Dr Annrish Tan Baby Dr Ashok Ninan Oommen Jubilee Mission MC, Thrissur Analysis of scoring system to identify high risk patients in blunt chest trauma and their outcome
Free.P.AA.4 Dr Nitin Kumar Gangwar Dr Umar RIMS, Ranchi Non specific inflammatory bowel disease: Dilemma situation both for surgeon and pathologist; A case series and review of literature
Free.P.AA.5 Dr Abhilash Madhavan Dr Lakshmana SRM Medical College Role of raised serum bilirubin levels in acute appendicitis and its outcomes
Free.P.AA.6 Dr Inampudi Sravya Dr (Capt). L Ramachandra S M Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Utility of surgical APGAR score in predicting morbidity and 30 day mortality in laparotomy patients
Station 12
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AB.1 Dr Sheikh Behram Dr Mahim Koshariya Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal Anomalous anatomical variation in extrahepatic biliary tree and pancreas and its related vessels - A cadaveric study
Free.P.AB.2 Dr Monalisa D' Souza NIL Father Muller’s Medical College Mangalore Radial forearm flap for coverage of soft tissue defects from head to toe
Free.P.AB.3 Dr Bhuvaneswari Harikrishnan Dr Ponniah Iyyappan
Dr Rajasenthil
Dr Kaliyappa
SRM, Kattankalathil Institutional experience with diabetic mastopathy over the past 10 years and review of literature
Free.P.AB.4 Dr Abhiram S. V Dr Rajashekara Babu G BMCRI,Bangalore A prospective case control study comparing topical povidone iodine ointment with colloidal silver gel in the management of diabetic foot ulcers
Free.P.AB.5 Dr Channabasavaraj Hosangadi Dr Patil Virupaxagouda JJM Medical College Davanagere It always seems impossible until its done -A case report
Free.P.AB.6 Dr Vijay Bhattiprolu Dr Ramana Murthy P.V Andhra Hospitals Evaluation of hormone receptor expression in breast cancer patients in india
Station 13
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AC.1 Dr Garg Bhuvaneswar Dr Aradhana Garg Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal Diabetic foot gangrene
Free.P.AC.2 Dr Rahul Gupta Dr Arvind K Singh Synergy Institute of MS, Dehradun Accuracy of ultrasound and Tokyo guidelines in diagnosing histopathologically confirmed Acute Cholecystitis
Free.P.AC.3 Dr Sam Koruth Dr Arunesh Dubey
Dr Rishad
Dr Vimal Iype
Dr Santhosh John Abraham
Lourdes Hospital, Kochi Incidence of occult nipple-areolar complex involvement in carcinoma breast: A prospective observational study
Free.P.AC.4 Dr Biren Prasad Padhy Dr Supriya Pani IMS & SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar Benefit of laparoscopy in chronic pain abdomen
Free.P.AC.5 Dr Prince Pankaj Dr SubhashKhanna Swagat Hospitals, Guwahati Diagnosis and management of gall bladder polyps 
Free.P.AC.6 Dr Manwar Ali S Dr Vamshi Krishna E AIIMS Bhubaneswar Effect of negative pressure wound therapy on abdominal wound dehiscence: An observational study
Station 14
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AD.1 Dr Karan K. Shetty Dr Srinivas N.M BMCRI, Bangalore Matter of time: Importance of transportation time in splenic injuries
Free.P.AD.2 Dr Tejaswi Hemachandran Dr Preethi S.P JSS Hospital Evaluation of Serum Homocysteine as a predictor of severity of peripheral vascular disease in association with Doppler USG
Free.P.AD.3 Dr Kaustubh Singh Dr Rekha Dewan Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar H&MC , New Delhi The anatomy and surgical importance of ROUVIERE’S sulcus in laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Free.P.AD.4 Dr Sri Vignesh Kumar Dr Lakkanna S
Dr Purushothaman
Dr Babitha N
ESI Medical College PGIMSR, Bangalore A comparative study between autologous platelet rich plasma dressing and normal saline dressing in management of diabetic foot ulcers
Free.P.AD.5 Dr Rahul Narayanan Unni Dr Sheeba Mariyam AZEEZIA IMS&R, Kollam Compare the accuracy of RIPASA score and modified ALVARADO score with histopathology in the detection of acute appendicitis among adults in a tertiary care centre
Free.P.AD.6 Dr Sudharsan P.V Dr Manisselvi S
Dr Manivanan D
Dr Vinodh D
Madras Medical College, Chennai A prospective study on the clinical outcomes in the surgical management of failed ERCP choledocholithiasis
Station 15
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AE.1 Dr Gopashetty Dheeraj Dr Basavaraj Narasanagi SHRI B M Patil Medical College Serum iron levels in gallbladder stone disease : A comparative study
Free.P.AE.2 Dr Kothuri Sricharan Raj Dr Manjunath S
Dr Kotennavar
SHRI B.M.Patil Medical College Different approaches in the management of diabetic foot ulcers
Free.P.AE.3 Dr Pragati Singhal Dr Sandesh Deolekar Dr. D Y Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai Study of benign breast diseases in reproductive age group
Free.P.AE.4 Dr Chandrashekar M S Dr Rajashekara Babu G BMCRI,Bangalore Effect of preoperative fluid resuscitation on morbidity and mortality in perforation peritonitis
Free.P.AE.5 Dr Nisha B Jain Dr Sreekar B  St John's Medical College Bangalore Emergency valve surgeries in complicated infective endocarditis -Single centre experience
Free.P.AE.6 Dr Saurabh Mahesh Thakkar Dr Athavale V.S Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College Assessment of diagnostic accuracy between pathological findings (FNAC) and operative findings in a case of multinodular goitre
Station 16
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AF.1 Dr Gursewak Singh Dr Amit Agrawal Armed Forces Medical College, Pune Role of Tamsulosin in spontaneous expulsion of lower ureteric calculi - A double blinded randomized control trial
Free.P.AF.2 Dr Malpani A Nalpani Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur Management of varicose veins and venous leg ulcer-hitting the root cause by gala and foam. General surgeon friendly new technique independent of DOPPLER
Free.P.AF.3 Dr Naaz Jahan Shaikh Dr Mehaboob Pasha Citi Hospital, Hosapete, Bellary Correlating ALVARADO score and usg findings in acute appendicitis
Free.P.AF.4 Dr Padmanabh Inamdar NIL Mamata Medical College Khammam Evaluation of direct observation of procedure skills in surgery (SURGICAL-DOPS) as tool to enhance surgical suturing technique among interns
Free.P.AF.5 Dr Jagadeesan G.M Dr Subbiah Shanmugam Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Comparative analysis of surgical and pathological outcomes between laparoscopic and open rectal cancer surgeries: Single institution experience
Free.P.AF.6 Dr Varun Dogra Dr Rajandeep Singh Bali
Dr Yawar Zahoor
Dr Ankul Mittal
Government Medical College, Jammu Abdominal Kochs & The Surgical Emergency
Station 17
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AG.1 Dr Treena Minz Dr Debashish Patnaik
Dr Saurajit Patnaik
Dr Ramji Khetri
Hi-Tech Medical College Left sided laparoscopic cholecystectomy, our experience with few cases
Free.P.AG.2 Dr Vitish Singla Dr Bhanu Singh AIIMS, New Delhi Outcomes in super obese patients undergoing mini gastric bypass or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
Free.P.AG.3 Dr Anwesa Chakraborty Nil Burdwan Medical College Evaluation of immunonutrient supplementation over conventional feeding after gastrointestinal anastomosis in definitive management of gastric carcinoma
Free.P.AG.4 Dr Gurpremjit Singh Dr Manjunath Maruti Pol AIIMS To study the effect of handgrip exercise on the outcome of arteriovenous fistula surgery. A randomized controlled trial
Free.P.AG.5 Dr Sonam Wadhwani Dr Aaditya Khaitian Sri Aurobindo MC, Indore Early management of mesenteric cyst prevents catastrophes: A decade experience at a tertiary care hospital
Free.P.AG.6 Dr Sivaram Sridharan Dr Shruthi Kamal V Saveetha Medical College, Chennai Proximal fundal H. Pylori infection vs. distal antral H. Pylori infections - Our experience
Station 18
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AH.1 Dr Polu Mithilesh Reddy Dr Hemanth Kumar M Shri B M Patil Medical College Prospective comparative study of mini laparoscopic and conventional laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Free.P.AH.2 Dr Vishal Prakash Dr Vinod Kumar RIMS, Ranchi, Jharkhand Prognostic importance of tumor markers in liver abscess
Free.P.AH.3 Dr Sundeep Vogu Dr Rahul Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College A study of appendicectomy specimen culture and antibiotic sensitivity in relation to wound healing in a tertiary rural health care centre
Free.P.AH.4 Dr Jayanth K.S Dr Nanda Kishore Maroju JIPMER, Pondicherry Role of preoperative nutritional assessment indices in predicting 30-day postoperative complications in patients with malignancy
Free.P.AH.5 Dr Saravana Sundaram S.N Saveetha Medical College, Chennai A comparative study between Trendelenberg Procedure versus radiofreequency abalation in varicose veins
Free.P.AH.6 Dr Gaurang R Dr Bhagavan K.R K S Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore A study on HER2 receptor status in esophageal carcinoma
Station 19
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AI.1 Dr Jaya Durga Chalamalasetty Dr Sudhir Shinde
Dr Rakesh Karna
Bharati Vidya Peth Medical College, Pune Detection of painless pancreatitis in patient with post ERC raised Serum Amylase and serum lipase in 24hr
Free.P.AI.2 Dr Siva Sankar Dr Athul krishna Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Effect of bactibilia on the outcome of patients who underwent Whipple’s pancreaticoduodenectomy-A retrospective study
Free.P.AI.3 Dr Karthik H K Dr Ranjit Kr Deka Guwahati Medical College, Guwahati Factors influencing outcome of enterocutaneous fistula – A multivariate analysis
Free.P.AI.4 Dr Avinash K Dr Harindranath HR BMCRI, Bangalore Pre operative factors with PARKLAND grading system in assessing difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomy and expectant operative and post operative complications
Free.P.AI.5 Dr Ruthrendra E Dr Jayaram V PIMS Pondicherry Skin closure using stainless steel skin stapler Versus Conventional non absorbable mattress sutures
Free.P.AI.6 Dr Shweta Sharma Dr Rasananda Mangual
Dr Tapas ku.Rout
Dr Saroj Panda
MKCG Medical College, Behrampur Single layer versus double layer intestinal anastomosis –A prospective study
Station 20
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
Free.P.AJ.1 Dr Dhawal Kirti Tiwari Nil Index Medical College, Indoor Pressure injuries – a clinical study on the outcomes of flap resurfacing in a tertiary health care centre of central india
Free.P.AJ.2 Dr Raghavendra C Y Dr Shridhar M ESICMC PGIMSR Comparison of short term outcome of Limberg flap surgery and KARYDAKI'S procedure in pilonidal disease
Free.P.AJ.3 Dr Peter Chen Dr Hung Ta Ko
Dr Basavaraj Mundasad
Dr Graham Stewart
Armidale Referral Hospital The introduction of laparoscopic colectomy to a rural centre a 3 year audit
Free.P.AJ.4 Dr Akash Gopaldasji Mor Dr Jignesh A. Gandhi KEM Hospital, Mumbai Role of transversus abdominis release in management of complex ventral hernia
Free.P.AJ.5 Dr Nandini Singh Tanwar Dr Sajan Sehgal JSSH Granulomatous mastitis- A clinical maze in the breast
Free.P.AJ.6 Dr Dharanesh B Adichunchanagiri IMS Changes in liver function test after laparoscopic surgery

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