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E-Poster List on 27th Dec 2018

Poster Session I :- 12:30PM - 01:30PM : Hall F
Station 1
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.A-1 Dr Sourav Kumar Patra Dr Santosh Kumar Dey AFMC, Pune Chronic gastric volvulus - A rare cause of feed intolerance in infant
P.1.I.A.A-2 Dr Joyner Abraham M Dr Subangi K.G
Dr Saravanakumar G
Dr Gokulnath Premchand K.S
Dr Rani R
Madurai Medical College Huge retroperitoneal mass (Leiomyosarcoma ureter)
P.1.I.A.A-3 Dr Divya Jain Dr Rajendra Bagree SMS Medical College, Jaipur Angiodysplasia of left colon extending to anal verge landed patient into APR: A rare finding
P.1.I.A.A-4 Dr Ashwin Raja A Nil JJM Med College, Davangere Wilkie's Syndrome: A bizarre adventure into abdomen
P.1.I.A.A-5 Dr Rijuta Aphale, Thane Dr Samir M Shah GH & MC Bhavanagar, Gujarat Two stage laparoscopic trans-hiatal Gastric pull through with side to side Gastro - Jejunostomy in a patient with long segment oesophageal stricture with pyloric stenosis
P.1.I.A.A-6 Dr Jaya Sakthi S Dr Lalith Kumar
Dr Gokul D Y
Shri Sathya Sai MC, Kanchipuram Dilemmas in blunt abdominal trauma
P.1.I.A.A-7 Dr Vikram Reddy Dr Ramesh M
Dr Raju B
Osmania M C, Hyderabad Spontaneous biliary tract perforation: An unusual cause of peritonitis in pregnancy
P.1.I.A.A-8 Dr Dilip Rajasekharan Apollo BGS Hospital, Mysore A Case Series on unusual perforations at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore
P.1.I.A.A-9 Dr Naina Kumar Agarwal Dr Rajendra Bagree
Dr Richa Jain
SMS Medical College, Jaipur Sister Mary Joseph's Nodule present in a case of Gall bladder / Stomach Carcinoma : A case report and a brief review of literature
P.1.I.A.A-10 Dr Varun M Dr Ashwani Gupta
Dr Indu Bhushan Dubey
VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital An interesting presentation of a large retroperitoneal cyst
P.1.I.A.A-11 Dr Affan Iqbal Dr Narendra Babu Sagar Hospital, Bangalore Upper role perserving partial splenectomy
P.1.I.A.A-12 Dr Gayathri S Dr Rajavelu
Dr Alex Franklin
Vellore Medical College Meckels diverticulum at proximal jejunam, a rare presentation
Station 2
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.B-1 Dr Joyner Abraham M Dr Subangi K.G
Dr Saravanakumar G
Dr Gokulnath Premchand K.S
Dr Rani R
Madurai Medical College Analysis of blunt injru abdomen cases admitted in trauma ward, GRH, Madurai
P.1.I.A.B-2 Dr Gayathri S Dr Rajavelu
Dr Alex Franklin
Vellore Medical College An unusual presentation of Gastric outlet obstruction
P.1.I.A.B-3 Dr Visweswara Reddy S Dr Sarveswaran V
Dr Surees Kumar
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital A rare sequelae of a relatively common disease - Spontaneous perforation of small intestine Gist - A rare case report
P.1.I.A.B-4 Dr Debalina Karmakar Tata Main Hosp, Jamshedpur Peutz Jeghers syndrome presenting as multiple intussusception: A rare case
P.1.I.A.B-5 Dr Hemanth Sai Kumar D Jejunal Diverticulae: Reports of two cases presenting as obstruction
P.1.I.A.B-6 Dr Anshu Kumar Multiple caecal perforations due to barotrauma from compressed Air
P.1.I.A.B-7 Dr Vishal Modh A case of intraperitoneal soft tissue tumour
P.1.I.A.B-8 Dr Ritabrata Mukhopadhyay Dr Sudev Saha
Dr Shamita Chatterjee
NRS Medical College, Kolkta Haemophilic pseudotumor of the abdomen presenting as subacute intestinal obstruction - A rare entity
P.1.I.A.B-9 Dr Syed G Imam Dr Rajendra Bagree SMS Medical College, Jaipur My experience with laparoscopic cholecystectomy, its complications and management - As a resident, a series of 300 cases
P.1.I.A.B-10 Dr Ritambhar Mondal Dr Anowar Ali Mallick
Dr Chowdhury D.B
Dr Debabrata Raoy
Calcutta National MC A conventional approach to an unconventional pseudocyst
P.1.I.A.B-11 Dr Chethan C M Dr Balamurugan Stanley M C, Chennai Drain site cutaneous metastasis post resection for gastric cancer
P.1.I.A.B-12 Dr Harshal A Chohatakar Dr Vibha Ramesh
Dr Niranjan P
Dr Lakshman K
Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore Splenic abscess: a case seriese of unusual presentations
Station 3
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authorsInstitution Title
P.1.I.A.C-1 Dr Ravi Baghel Nil Index M C & HospitalA case of primary leiomyoma of the Lesser omentum
P.1.I.A.C-2 Dr Alok Ranjan Rohilkhand MC & H Bareilly A case of transected duodenal-jejunal flexure with poly trauma
P.1.I.A.C-3 Dr Udbhav BansalExophytic Jejunal Growth: Jejunal Adenocarcinoma, A Rare Case
P.1.I.A.C-4 Dr Dhinesh Babu KDr Bhaskar M KVIMS, Kanchipuram A rare case of left para duodenal hernia
P.1.I.A.C-5 Dr Arshad Baba Novel technique for surgical treatment of SRUS with complete rectal prolapse
P.1.I.A.C-6 Lt Col (Dr) C K Thakur Military Hospital Danapur, Patna A Case of Sigmoid Volvulus
P.1.I.A.C-7 Dr Gandikota Venkata PrakashSplenic cyst - A rare presentation
P.1.I.A.C-8 Dr Shabnam BashirDr Tamhankar AApollo Hospitals Bangalore Laparoscopic versus Total Robotic Rectal Cancer Surgery: A single tertiary care center experience from india
P.1.I.A.C-9 Dr Nameer FaizIGMS, PatnaCase study of Bouveret syndrome presenting with Rigler’s triad
P.1.I.A.C-10 Dr Piyush Patwa Near-infrared fluorescence cholangiography using Indocyanine Green (ICG) during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy - Safety evaluation in a single centre In 15 consecutive cases
P.1.I.A.C-11 Dr Meera Goutham Abandoned Whipple surgery as consequence of an intra-operative finding of vascular anomaly-A rare care report
P.1.I.A.C-12 Dr Ravichandra Matcha Bileduct Injuries Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (L.C) A retrospective study at a tertiary care hospital
Station 4
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.D-1 Dr Ranjith Kumar Sridhar SRMC, Chennai Multiple primary mesenteric Liposarcoma
P.1.I.A.D-2 Dr Kaza Anjana Colonoscopy and its importance in colorectal carcinoma detection rate- a single centre experience
P.1.I.A.D-3 Dr Siddharth Vijay Kalke Diaphragm disease of small bowel- An unsolved mystery and a real surgical challenge
P.1.I.A.D-4 Dr Pankaj Meena Primary squamous cell carcinoma of rectum A rare case study
P.1.I.A.D-5 Dr Vinayak Virendra Shelat Idiopathic Sclerosing Encapsulating Peritonitis (Abdominal Cocoon)
P.1.I.A.D-6 Dr Manikandan Malignant melanaoma of anal canal presenting as external haemorrhoids
P.1.I.A.D-7 Dr Mohanasundaram Natarajan Spontaneous midgut volvulus due to malfixation in adult: Rare case report
P.1.I.A.D-8 Dr Harini Muthu A bizarre presentation of usual gastric carcinoma
P.1.I.A.D-9 Dr Amit Kumar Gupta Penetrating rectal injuries
P.1.I.A.D-10 Dr Adheesh Goriwal Pelvic lipomatosis: A rare entity managed by minimally invasive means
P.1.I.A.D-11 Dr Shaik Khalifa Gastro colic fistula- A rare complication after gastro jejunostomy done in chronic duodenal ulcer with gastric outlet obstruction
P.1.I.A.D-12 Dr Michael Senraj J Late presentation of diaphragmatic injury as Intestinal Obstruction - A case report
Station 5
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.E-1 Dr Harshal A Chohatakar Dr Vibha Ramesh
Dr Niranjan P
Dr Lakshman K
Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore Isolated splenic lymphoma mimicking as a splenic abscess
P.1.I.A.E-2 Dr Suresh Kumar A Phytobezoar - An unusual cause of ileal perforation
P.1.I.A.E-3 Dr Nitin Kumar Gangwar Non specific chronic inflammatory bowel disease looking as malignancy
P.1.I.A.E-4 Dr Kishan Rao B A prospective clinico-pathological study of non-traumatic terminal ileal perforation
P.1.I.A.E-5 Dr Vinay S Gastric diverticulum , a rare endoscopic finding
P.1.I.A.E-6 Dr Karthik D Dr Maruthu Pandian D
Dr Latha D
Dr Thirumalaikannan S
Dr Saravanan C
Madurai Medical College Hernial sac tuberculosis- A rare case report of Gastrointestinal tuberculosis
P.1.I.A.E-7 Dr Abhishek Hadadi R Dr Seshagiri Rao
SDr Bhanuprakash K
Dr Shashidhar Naik
Bangalore Medical College Gastrointestinal stromal tumour
P.1.I.A.E-8 Dr Spurthi Sanganaboina Tuberculous appendix
P.1.I.A.E-9 Dr Varsha S Necrotizing gastritis
P.1.I.A.E-10 Dr Sunil Kumar Godara Ileal tubular duplication: A rare cause of bowel obstruction in children
P.1.I.A.E-11 Dr Abhishant Dr Triou Aroul
Dr Saravanakumar
MGM, Pondicherry Volvulus of the colon in a intellectually disabled child
P.1.I.A.E-12 Dr Siddharth Vijay Kalke Carcinoma transverse colon or sclerosing mesenteritis: A dilemma.
Station 6
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.F-1 Dr Prashant Nair Dr Sulfekar M.S GMC, Trivandrum Factors affecting survival outcome of small intestinal GIST
P.1.I.A.F-2 Dr Ashok Kumar Yadav Dr Jenaw R.K SMS Medical College, Jaipur Etiology with pattern of intra abdominal injury in patients with road traffic accidents (RTA) with blunt trauma abdomen (BTA ) in trauma center of SMS hospital
P.1.I.A.F-3 Dr Suhas N Bhushan Dr Bhanuprakash K.R BMCRI, Bangalore Megastomach-A rare case report
P.1.I.A.F-4 Dr Dhawal Hasmukhlal Panchal Blunt abdominal trauma with pancreatic injury
P.1.I.A.F-5 Dr Rahul Ravindra Singh Anal canal Schwannoma…! A rare presentation. A case report and review of literature.
P.1.I.A.F-6 Dr Ritesh Venkatesh Kumar Dr Ramalakshmi V Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Neuroendocrine tumour of gastrointestinal tract
P.1.I.A.F-7 Dr Princy P GMC, Thiruvanathapuram A rare case of duodenal GIST
P.1.I.A.F-8 Dr Sooraj Sankar Dr Rayez
Dr Sam Koruth
Dr Arunesh Dubey
Dr Santhosh John Abraham
Lourdes Hospital, Kochi Case of abdominal tuberculosis while on treatment developing tuberculid
P.1.I.A.F-9 Dr Aditya Sivaram Sundar Perforated duodenal GIST – A rare presentation
P.1.I.A.F-10 Dr Arcahana C S An isolated ileal trichobezoar- A rare cause of small bowel obstruction-A case report
P.1.I.A.F-11 Dr Aadarsh Raghavan Dr Ramalakshmi V Govt Royapettah Hospital, Chennai Small Intestinal Lymphoma: Intussusception in adult as primary presentation of Human Immuno Deficiency
P.1.I.A.F-12 Dr Suresh Kumar A An isolated omental neuroendocrine secondary masquerade as gastrointestinal stromal tumour - A case report
Station 7
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.G-1 Dr Ritesh Venkatesh Kumar Dr Ramalakshmi V Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai A case of primary splenic lymphoma presenting as massive splenomegaly
P.1.I.A.G-2 Dr Meghana Perla Post traumatic jejuno-colic fistula presenting as obstruction
P.1.I.A.G-3 Dr Pranavi A R Massive gastric dilatation in carcinoma stomach
P.1.I.A.G-4 Dr Aniruthan Deivasigamani Buried Bumper Syndrome An unwonted complication of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy: A case report
P.1.I.A.G-5 Dr Satyendra Vardhinedi P.V Dr Ratna Chopra
Dr Shailendra Kr Maurya
Dr Sameer P Manohar
Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi Caecal perforation: Its risks and ideal management
P.1.I.A.G-6 Dr Shifa Zareena Gastric stump carcinoma
P.1.I.A.G-7 Dr Naveen Kumar A Early satiety, epigastric lump…….. A rare tumor
P.1.I.A.G-8 Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Dr Ramalakshmi V Govt Royapettah Hospital, Chennai Management of penetrating injury abdomen in a tertiary care centre
P.1.I.A.G-9 Dr Irfan Sagir Ansari Unusual origin of Left Colic artery from Superior Mesentric artery A case report
P.1.I.A.G-10 Dr Naveen Kumar A case report of acute mesentero-axial gastric volvulus in a patient with left sided diaphragmatic hernia
P.1.I.A.G-11 Dr Rudradeep Banerjee Epigastric Lump - A diagnostic dilemma
P.1.I.A.G-12 Dr Mohit Birla A clinical study on various presentation and management of acute intestinal obstruction
Station 8
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.H-1 Dr Mohammed Nihad K.V Mixed Adeno Neuro Endocrine Carcinoma (MANEC) of appendix
P.1.I.A.H-2 Dr Mathi Sri Akshay Mucinous adenocarcinoma appendix
P.1.I.A.H-3 Dr Muzamil Ahmed A case of huge mesenteric cyst
P.1.I.A.H-4 Dr Sachin Rajasekar Superior mesentric vein thrombosis with congenital malrotation of gut -an atypical presentation
P.1.I.A.H-5 Dr Soumya Shree A rare case of signet ring cell carcinoma (SRCC) of the ascending colon
P.1.I.A.H-6 Dr Janani K Gastrointestinal stromal tumor of stomach managed laparoscopically
P.1.I.A.H-7 Dr Saumitra Dube Case report of adenocarcinoma colon presenting as SM ischemia
P.1.I.A.H-8 Dr Shrihari Chandrasekaran Enteric duplication cyst
P.1.I.A.H-9 Dr Chiliki Amulya Gastric MiNEN – Significance in the era of preoperative chemotherapy - A case report
P.1.I.A.H-10 Dr Sri Vignesh Kumar Dr Lakkanna S
Dr Purushothaman
Dr Babitha N
ESI Medical College , Bangalore Multiple small bowel perforation as a presenting feature of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma - A rare presentation of common disease
P.1.I.A.H-11 Dr Dileep S Dr Shekar GSL Medical College, Rajamundry A case of trichobezoar causing small intestine obstruction
P.1.I.A.H-12 Dr Divya Sravanthi Chakkapalli Dr Sujana Bhumadi Konaseema IMS, Amalapuram Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome
Station 9
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.I-1 Dr Shrihari Chandrasekaran A rare cause of adult intussusception
P.1.I.A.I-2 Dr Anukethan J Jejunal Gastroinstestinal Stromal Tumor
P.1.I.A.I-3 Dr Sivasubramanian M Delayed presentation of traumatic rectal perforation – An interesting case
P.1.I.A.I-4 Dr Anurag Sharma Recurrent trichobezoar in a young female presenting as gastric outlet obstruction: A case report
P.1.I.A.I-5 Dr Ashwini Krishnamoorthy Crohn’s disease with tb abdomen- A rare case report
P.1.I.A.I-6 Dr Harikrishnan M Abdominal cocoon a rare cause of intestinal obstruction in a young male
P.1.I.A.I-7 Dr Pravalika D M A case of neuroendocrine tumor of small intestine
P.1.I.A.I-8 Dr Suganth Sarvesh P Mesentric Dermoid Cyst - A clinical rarity
P.1.I.A.I-9 Dr Venkateshen Palanisamy Mesentric tumour of the dj flexure with achalasia cardia – A rare combination
P.1.I.A.I-10 Dr Arpitkumar Pindaria A case of acute abdomen, mimicking tuberculosis abdomen, revealed to be carcinoma rectum
P.1.I.A.I-11 Dr Sridhar Bakthavatchalam Diabetic myonecrosis of anterior abdominal wall - an atypical cause of ‘acute abdomen’
P.1.I.A.I-12 Dr Ravi Baghel Dr Ajay Y Joshi Index Medical College, Indore A case of primary leiomyoma of the lesser omentum
Station 10
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.J-1 Dr Jaya Durga Chalamalasetty Dr Sudhir Shinde Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune A rare case report - Hemangioma of spleen
P.1.I.A.J-2 Dr Varsha Patil Dr Chandorkar S A rare case of mucinous adenocarcinoma of appendix
P.1.I.A.J-3 Dr Neha Arun Srivastava Adult variant of isolated non-communicating ileal cyst
P.1.I.A.J-4 Dr Lipika Ragukumar Mysterious intestinal perforation in a 20 week pregnant female
P.1.I.A.J-5 Dr Gurpremjit Singh A rare case of peritoneocutaneous sinus after lap converted to open failed cholecystectomy; meticulously managed by laparoscopy – A case report
P.1.I.A.J-6 Dr Sanjay Talukdar Evaluation of gastric lesions with narrow-band imaging and magnifying endoscopy (ME-NBI)
P.1.I.A.J-7 Dr Srikanth Jakkula Giant jejunal leiomyosarcoma –A rare case
P.1.I.A.J-8 Dr Manukanta Chowdary Athukuri R Dr Samir R Nayak Omental infarction: A rare cause of acute abdomen
P.1.I.A.J-9 Dr Suman Babu Dr Sobharani B SVS MC A case of small bowel obstruction due to ingested crystal gel ball
P.1.I.A.J-10 Dr Palli Shirin Abdominal lumps: Always an enigma! - Our journey with mesenteric cysts
P.1.I.A.J-11 Dr Prethivee Nagarajan NIL MGM College & RI A rare combination of causes leading to recurrent intestinal obstruction – A case report
P.1.I.A.J-12 Dr Malairaman Rajayokiam Dr Manivannan Stanley Medical College, Chennai A rare case of afferent loop syndrome
Station 11
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.K-1 Dr Palli Shirin Abdomen: A Pandora’s box ! A rare case report on surgical mop induced pseudocyst of mesentery.
P.1.I.A.K-2 Dr Abhiram S. V Dr Rajashekara Babu G BMCRI,Bangalore Bleeds on touch- A rare case of melanoma of the anal canal
P.1.I.A.K-3 Dr Bhargavi G Dr Sireesha SVMC Self inflicted abdominal stab wound with multiple perforations
P.1.I.A.K-4 Dr Karan K. Shetty Dr Srinivas N.M BMCRI, Bangalore Myeloid sarcoma of the GB: A rare presentation of AML
P.1.I.A.K-5 Dr Tejaswi Hemachandran Dr Preethi S.P JSS Hospital Massive cystic swelling in an adult!!- Retroperitoneal cystic lymphangioma
P.1.I.A.K-6 Dr Supriya Ponsingh Dr Harish S JSS Hospital, Mysore Appendix or mesenteric fibromatosis – A rare cause of acute abdomen
P.1.I.A.K-7 Dr Harsh Mehta A rare case study of a large duodenojejunal neuroendocrine tumour managed by Whipple’s operation.
P.1.I.A.K-8 Dr Sireesha Rani Challa Dr Bhargavi G SVMC A case of intestinal obstruction with mesenteric calcifications
P.1.I.A.K-9 Dr Soumyadip Sain Dr Somdatta Lahiri R. G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata Primary leiomyosarcoma of mesentery - A rare case
P.1.I.A.K-10 Dr Koshy Mathew Panicker Nil SRMC, Chennai An intresting case of subdiagphragmatic cold abscess
P.1.I.A.K-11 Dr Karthik H K Dr Ranjit Kr Deka
Dr Devajit Choudhury
Dr Rupnayan Goswami
Guwahati Medical College, Guwahati Case report of malrotation with midgut volvulus presenting in the adolescent age
P.1.I.A.K-12 Dr Nandhini K Madras Medical College, Chennai A rare case of early postoperative bowel obstruction due to barium impaction
Station 12
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.G.A.A-1 Dr Chandar Agrawal Dr Jagadamba Sharan
Dr Atul Kumar
Rohilkhand MC, Bareilly Primary extrarenal Wilm's tumour - A rare presentation
P.1.G.A.A-2 Dr Anwesa Chakraborty Spontaneous intraperitoneal bladder rupture: A rare case report
P.1.G.A.A-3 Dr Ayant Manglik Dr Shiv Kumar Sharma
Dr Nayab Fakhir
Dr Inder K Dhawan
Dr Vipul Sud
Batra Hospital , New Delhi Pyelonephritis of an Ectopic Right Kidney Masquerading as Acute Appendicitis: An Unusual case
P.1.G.A.A-4 Dr Dheeraj Vishwakarma Dr Jenaw R.K SMS Medical College, Jaipur Primary adenocarcinoma rete testis: An extremely rare tumor
P.1.G.A.A-5 Dr Joyner Abraham M Madurai Medical College Gun shot Injury- Bullet in prostate
P.1.G.A.A-6 Dr Siddharth Vijay Kalke Plastic bottle neck around penile neck- A novel perversion.
P.1.G.A.A-7 Dr Madavan Praveena Dr Ravikumar H
Dr Sai Kalyan Gupta
Vydehi MC, Bangalore Tuberculosis of Penis - A rare presentation
P.1.G.A.A-8 Dr Chandrakala Kumari An unusual case of multi-loculated and unilateral ovarian dermoid cysts: Case report
P.1.G.A.A-9 Dr Aditya Chawla Multilocular cystic renal neoplasm of low malignant potential
P.1.G.A.A-10 Dr Raam Ratish G Giant extra-(ad)renal myelolipoma - unusual presentation
P.1.G.A.A-11 Dr Siddharth Vijay Kalke Large perinephric hematoma in adpkd- A rare case report
P.1.G.A.A-12 Dr Naresh Kumar R Dr Santhi B
Dr Kannan R
Dr Anand L
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Renal Cell carcinoma presenting as a huge abdominal mass without metastasis
Station 13
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.G.A.B-1 Dr Sagar Ramesh Ambre Dermoid of spermatic cord diagnostic dilemma
P.1.G.A.B-2 Dr Aju James Ashok A surprise during Hypospadias repair: A rare case of urethral duplication
P.1.G.A.B-3 Dr Ram Praveen P A rare case of isolated left renal hydatid cyst
P.1.G.A.B-4 Dr Premkumar  D Dr Amutha P
Dr Vanitha T
Dr Suganya A
Madurai Medical College Incidentaloma of adrenal gland - A rare case report
P.1.G.A.B-5 Dr Akshita Emphysematous pyelonephritis mimicking perforation peritonitis of abdomen
P.1.G.A.B-6 Dr Ashwath Venkataramana V.H BMCRI,Bangalore A case report of angiomyolipoma of kidney
P.1.G.A.B-7 Dr Rahul Banik Bullet injury to the penis with retained bullet in the penis
P.1.G.A.B-8 Dr Aishwarya S Dr Sivakumar T
Dr Chandrasekar G
Stanley Medical College, Chennai A rare case of isolated tuberculous orchitis mimicking testicular malignancy
P.1.G.A.B-9 Dr Shifa Zareena Anomalous vessels leading to hydroureteronephrosis
P.1.G.A.B-10 Dr Varsha S Infected urachal cyst - A rare diagnosis in an adult
P.1.G.A.B-11 Dr Challa Teja An unusual presentation of huge inguinal mass in a case of testicular seminoma
P.1.G.A.B-12 Dr Charu Yadav Disorder Of Sexual Differentiation: True Hermaphroditism , A rare case report
Station 14
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.G.A.C-1 Dr Aditya Khaitan Dr Sonam Wadhwani Congenital megalourethra: Spectrum of presentation and insights in embryology and management
P.1.G.A.C-2 Dr Anjana Elangovan Delayed presentation and treatment of penile fracture
P.1.G.A.C-3 Dr Sugumar Subramani Dr Sugumar Madras Medical College, Chennai Penile metastasis from rectal carcinoma- A case report
P.1.G.A.C-4 Dr Indranuj Roy An interesting case of Klippel Feil Syndrome with crossed fused renal ectopia with hydronephrosis (right)
P.1.G.A.C-5 Dr Dhruv Dhananjay Chavan Multimetastatic malignant mixed Mullerian tumor- A rare case presentation
P.1.G.A.C-6 Dr Nitin Kumar Gangwar Dr Umar RIMS, Ranchi Undescended testis in adult with malignant change about to rupture
P.1.G.A.C-7 Dr Paruchuri Naga Manvi Dr Lavanya S Eluru Medical College A case of giant renal angiomyolipoma in tuberous sclerosis complex
P.1.G.A.C-8 Dr Faraz Ahmed B S NIL BMCRI, Bengaluru Spontaneous renal subcapsular hematoma – A case report
P.1.G.A.C-9 Dr Pragati Singhal Dr Sandesh Deolekar Dr. D Y Patil Hospital,Navi Mumbai Traumatic dislocation of testis- A diagnostic enigma
P.1.G.A.C-10 Dr Supriya Ponsingh Dr Girish T D JSS Hospital, Mysore Spontaneous bladder rupture secondary to bladder outlet obstruction: A rare case report and review of literature
P.1.G.A.C-11 Dr Vijai R Dr Shruthi Kamal V Saveetha Medical College, Chennai Diagnostic surprise for a case of prostatomegaly -A rare case report.
P.1.G.A.C-12 Dr Sundeep Vogu Dr Rahul Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College Pre pubertal testicular yolk sac tumour: A case report with review of literature
Station 15
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.T.A.A-1 Dr Affan Iqbal Dr Vijay Kumar M.N Sagar Hospital, Bangalore Oesophageal fistula - Pad lock clip - Our alogrithm
P.1.T.A.A-2 Dr Abdul Basith Dr Rajashekara Reddy H.V Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore A rare neoplasm of thoracopulmonary region
P.1.T.A.A-3 Dr Pavan Venkateswar K Dr Raja Thomas St. Philomena's Hosp, Bangalore Sternal closure for defects following elective sternal excision, post op dehiscence
P.1.T.A.A-4 Dr Aarthi Raja B Boerhave’s syndrome treated with endoscopic N-butyl cyanoacrylate injection therapy
P.1.T.A.A-5 Dr Omkar Mahendra Shirke Pleuropericardial cyst
P.1.T.A.A-6 Dr Venkata Bharat Arun M Lourdes Hospital, Kochi Achalasia Cardia in an Infant - A rare presentation
P.1.T.A.A-7 Dr Dyan D'Souza Dr Anthony Rozario
Dr Mallikarjuna
Dr Ann Sunny
Dr Rahul Sima
Dr Giridhar A
St John's Medical College Bangalore A rare case of right sided recurrent pneumonia
P.1.T.A.A-8 Dr Arun Kumar G A rare case of left oblique fissure empyema
P.1.T.A.A-9 Dr Nipun Bansal Mediastinal mature teratoma: A rare case presentation
P.1.T.A.A-10 Dr Abhinav Bharadwaj R Adult BOCHDALEK Hernia - cuckoo’s egg in the crow’s nest
P.1.T.A.A-11 Dr Irappa Mahadev Kotagi A rare case of haemoptysis
P.1.T.A.A-12 Dr Sindhu S A case of sequestration of lung
Station 16
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.L-1 Dr Tejaswi Hemachandran Dr Anil Kumar M.S JSS Hospital, Mysuru Unique mass in the right iliac fossa: Non-hodgkins lymphoma!
P.1.I.A.L-2 Dr Syed Faizan Dr Durganna T. Rajarajeswari Medical College, Bangalore Ileal volvulus: A rare cause of small bowel obstruction
P.1.I.A.L-3 Dr Medha Urval Dr Ashwin Kulkarni SDM Medical College, Dharwad Case report of intussusception causing intestinal obstruction in pregnancy - A rare cause of non-obstetric abdominal pain
P.1.I.A.L-4 Dr Suhail Husain Nil Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal Ingested foreign body in rectum that failed to pass transanally due to anal stricture in a boy
P.1.I.A.L-5 Dr Muralidhar Parthasarathy Dr Nirhale D.S Dr D Y Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune Superior mesenteric artery syndrome - A feed in time saves nine
P.1.I.A.L-6 Dr Vijai R Dr Shruthi Kamal V Saveetha Medical College, Chennai A case of Heller’s myotomy with fundoplication with perop endoscopy- Achalasia cardia
P.1.I.A.L-7 Dr Aditya Khaitan Dr Sonam Wadhwani Intussusception in a premature neonate: A rare and often misdiagnosed clinical entity
P.1.I.A.L-8 Dr Sinduja M Dr Shruthi Kamal V Saveetha Medical College, Chennai Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome - Look beyond gastritis
P.1.I.A.L-9 Dr Karthikeyan Natarajan Nil Government Mohan Kumaramangalam MC Afferent loop perforation- A case report
P.1.I.A.L-10 Dr Varun g Huilgol Dr Jagadeesha B V C JJM Medical College DAVANAGERE A rare case report of malignant retroperitoneal extra-gastrointestinal stromal tumor
P.1.I.A.L-11 Dr Mohammed Arafath Ali BMCRI, Bangalore A rare case of Leiomyosarcoma presenting as acute abdomen
P.1.I.A.L-12 Dr Avinash K Dr Harindranath H R BMCRI, Bangalore A rare case of GIST presenting as abdominal mass
Station 17
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.M-1 Dr Arun P Dr Anuraj Appukuttan Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur A case of acute abdomen-Torsion of wandering spleen
P.1.I.A.M-2 Dr Kumari Ekita Dr Amit Kumar Gupta Katihar Medical College  Meckel’s diverticulum
P.1.I.A.M-3 Dr Jesila Priya Dr Sarveswaran V
Dr Surees Kumar S
Dr Deepthi Pravallika
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore Case Series - Paraganglioma
P.1.I.A.M-4 Dr Shivam Madeshiya Dr Nandan Rai M L N Medical College, Allahabad Comparative analysis of early exploration versus conservative approach for management of appendiceal mass
P.1.I.A.M-5 Dr Vikramaditya Dr Ch. Gyan Singh Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal Emphysematous osteomyelitis– A rare cause of acute abdomen: A case report
P.1.I.A.M-6 Dr Janani S Reddy Dr Muthukumaran Saveetha Medical College, Chennai Splenic hydatid cyst
P.1.I.A.M-7 Dr Gowdhaman Kanniyappan A rare case of mataplastic neoplasm of small bowel presenting as acute intestinal obstruction
P.1.I.A.M-8 Dr Siva Sankar Dr Yaswant Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi Long term experience with total pelvic exenteration and double barrel wet colostomy for locally advanced carcinoma rectum
P.1.I.A.M-9 Dr Saravanan V S GMKMCH A rare presentation of blunt injury abdomen
P.1.I.A.M-10 Dr Pronoti Rajagonda Patil KLE, Hospital, Belagavi A rare case report: Adult HIRSCHSPRUNG’S disease
P.1.I.A.M-11 Dr Devi Prasad Saini JLN Medical College, Ajmer A comparative study of Hyperbillirubinemia, Elevated C-Reactive protein and leucocyte count as a predictive factor for appediceal perforation in acute appendicitis
P.1.I.A.M-12 Dr Jayavardhan Reddy M Dr Geetha B
Dr Arun Katari
Dr Ravinder Rao
Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences Small bowel obstruction due to trichobezoar in 16 weeks pregnant female-Rare case report
Station 18
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.N-1 Dr Shyam Sundar Dr Balaji P Madras Medical College, Chennai Neuroendocrine tumour of caecum
P.1.I.A.N-2 Dr Raghavendra Ballal Dr Basavara J.T JJM Medical College Strangulated diaphragmatic hernia presenting as small bowel obstruction– A rare case report
P.1.I.A.N-3 Dr Vinotha K Madras Medical College Unusual presentations of Meckel’s diverticulum – A case series
P.1.I.A.N-4 Dr Priyanka Mamata Medical College, Khammam Ileo-ileal intussuception due to type iii idiopathic sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis: A rare case
P.1.I.A.N-5 Dr Annrish Tan Baby Dr John Mathew Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur PEUTZ-JEGHERS syndrome: A case report
P.1.I.A.N-6 Dr Jagruti Jagmohan Gulati A.C.P.M Medical College Case report: spontaneous caecal rupture surgical emergency in North Maharashtra
P.1.I.A.N-7 Dr Ramesh Vaidyanathan Dr Aravind K KIMS, Hubli Paraduodenal hernia
P.1.I.A.N-8 Dr Viswas M R Dr Ramesh H KIMS, Hubli Acute necrotizing gastritis with gangrenous stomach
P.1.I.A.N-9 Dr Balaji M.K Dr Dhamodharan S.R
Dr Ashoka Chakravarthy
Dr Malarvannan
Dr Rajaprabaharan
Madurai Medical College A rare case of neuroendocrine tumor of stomach
P.1.I.A.N-10 Dr Dandeboyina Sreenivas Dr Sharath Chandra B.J JSS Medical College, Mysuru A rare encounter with an pseudocyst of spleen
P.1.I.A.N-11 Dr Khagokpam Hirina Devi Dr Chinglensana L
Dr Birkumar Sharma M
RIMS,Imphal Invasive abdominal wall fibromatosis presenting as intra-abdominal mass : A case report
P.1.I.A.N-12 Dr Niranjana B NIL Coimbatore Medical College An interesting case of intestinal obstruction
Station 19
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.O-1 Dr Abhishek Sharma Dr Sharath Chandra B.J JSS Medical College, Mysuru Intra-abdominal esophageal duplication cyst in an adult
P.1.I.A.O-2 Dr Santhosh N Dr Shahid Anjum Madras Medical College, Chennai Pancreatic tuberculosis mimicking as neoplasm? A diagnostic dilemma
P.1.I.A.O-3 Dr Rahul Narayanan Unni Dr Sabari J P AZEEZIA IMS, Kollam A curious case of intraileal textiloma
P.1.I.A.O-4 Dr Saravanan V S Dr RAJASEKAR M GMKMCH, Salem Isolated ileal perforation in a case of abdominal tuberculosis
P.1.I.A.O-5 Dr Prabhath J S Dr Pari Muthukumar R
Dr Viswananth M Pai
SRMC Laparoscopic management of bronchogenic cyst of stomach: A case report
P.1.I.A.O-6 Dr Keerthika M Gandhi Medical College Rare case of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma presenting as mesenteric cyst
P.1.I.A.O-7 Dr Rachit Arora Sudhir S JSS Hospital, Mysore Right paraduodenal hernia: A rare cause of small bowel obstruction
P.1.I.A.O-8 Dr Vineet Tippisetty Dr Ayush Goel Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore A rare case of abdominal tuberculosis concomitant with adenocarcinoma colon
P.1.I.A.O-9 Dr Naga Kuladeep Vankadara Nil KMC, Mangalore Gastrocolic fistula post gastric ulcer perforation and repair
P.1.I.A.O-10 Dr.Manindra Nayak Dr Satyajit Samal SCB Medical College Retroperitoneal sarcoma-current scenario in Odisha
P.1.I.A.O-11 Dr Ikshudhanva Tharranath Dr Hemanth Kumar PGIMER Triple synchronous colorectal carcinoma: A case report
P.1.I.A.O-12 Dr Shreyas M D Dr Dharmendra B. L Mysore Medical College Omental splenunculi in a case of splenomegaly with extrahepatic portal vein thrombosis- A case report
Station 20
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.I.A.P-1 Dr Mehul Agarwal Dr Manu Vats Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour- A rare cause of intestinal obstruction
P.1.I.A.P-2 Dr Saurabh Purohit Dr Sudhansu Sharma MLB Medical College, Jhansi Diagnostic dilemma and rare finding of complicated Meckel’s diverticulum in acute abdomen
P.1.I.A.P-3 Dr Anirudh M NIL IPGMER, Kolkata Splenic artery pseudoaneurysm: A rare entity
P.1.I.A.P-4 Dr Syamji Anerudh Dr Vijaylakshmi BMCRI, Bangalore Large asymptomatic ileal GIST presenting as mesenteric mass
P.1.I.A.P-5 Dr Ankit Choyal Dr Farheen Rehana R.D. Gardi Medical College, Ujjain A rare case report :- Adenocarcinoma of appendix
P.1.I.A.P-6 Dr Sai Ram Ankam Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad Intestinal malrotation: A rare cause of small intestinal obstruction in elderly
P.1.I.A.P-7 Dr Praveen B Dr Thirunavukkarasu S Madras Medical College Transverse colon injury following blunt abdominal trauma – A case report
P.1.I.A.P-8 Dr Praveen Kumar Dr Arun Arumugam Stanley Medical College, Chennai A rare case of perinephric abscess due to acute appendicular perforation
P.1.I.A.P-9 Dr Satthishh Egappan Dr Giridhar C Sri Venkateswara Medical College A rare case of pseudo papillary tumor of pancreas
P.1.I.A.P-10 Dr Bugatha Lavanya Dr Pravallika Ponnada Rangaraya Medical College Retroperitoneal cystic lymphangioma in a two year old - A rare case report
P.1.I.A.P-11 Dr Mahantesh Kumbar Dr Sunilkumar V BMCRI, Bangalore A rare case of gangrenous stomach due to acute necrotising gastritis
P.1.I.A.P-12 Dr Darga Shanti Laxmi Dr Reddy NVN Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad A rare case of gastric gangrene!!!

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