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E-Poster List on 28th Dec 2018

Poster Session II :- 12:30PM - 01:30PM : Hall F
Station 1
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.E.A.A-1 Dr Milan Joshi Large retrosternal goitre wit compromised airway
P.1.E.A.A-2 Dr Bathala Udayee Teja Parathyroid hormone as a predictor of hypocalcemia after total thyroidectomy
P.1.E.A.A-3 Dr Gaurav Panchal Study of early post operative morbidity in patients undergoing thyroidectomy: A descriptive study
P.1.E.A.A-4 Dr Soundarya VY Thyroglossal cyst carcinoma: A histological surprise
P.1.E.A.A-5 Dr Dhawal Hasmukhlal Panchal Transoral Thyroidectomy In Government setup
P.1.E.A.A-6 Dr Abhishek Kumar Verma Unusual presentation of occult papillary carcinoma thyroid
P.1.E.A.A-7 Dr Ranjith Kumar   Dr Sivakumar T
Dr Thalavai Sundarum
Dr Chandrasekar G
Dr Jim Jebakumar
Govt Stanley M C, Chennai A rare presentation of primary hyperparathyroidism – A case report
P.1.E.A.A-8 Dr Amala Ghalsasi Dual thyroid ectopia : A rare case report
P.1.E.A.A-9 Dr Gouri Mukhopadhyay Dr Diptendra Kumar Sarkar
Dr Gaurav Narjinari
IPGMER, Kolkata A rare case of coexistent mediastinal ectopic parathyroid adenoma with cervical parathyroid adenoma
P.1.E.A.A-10 Dr Pathivada Sandeep Naidu An unusaul presentation of parathyroid adenoma as calf pain
P.1.E.A.A-11 Dr Sneha Hemachandran Parathyroid adenoma with brown tumor of tibia and acute pancreatitis - A rare case
P.1.E.A.A-12 Dr Naveen Kumar A Synchronous Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and Parathyroid Carcinoma : A rare case report
Station 2
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.E.A.B-1 Dr Pavithra Umashankar Incidental adrenal tumour - Pheochromocytoma
P.1.E.A.B-2 Dr Ahsan Kamal A rare entity- carcinoma thyroid metastasis to parotid
P.1.E.A.B-3 Dr Shiva Siddhartha Sonti Tuberculosis of thyroid gland
P.1.E.A.B-4 Dr Balamarimuthu P Dr Sulfekar M.S GMC, Trivandrum Solitary fibrous tumour of thyroid
P.1.E.A.B-5 Dr Parivallal D Dr Prakash SRM Medical College, Chennai A case of geriatric thyroglossal cyst
P.1.E.A.B-6 Dr Vishnu R Kumar Nil Government Mohan Kumaramangalam MC Non thyroid swelling in the anterior aspect of neck A case report
P.1.E.A.B-7 Dr Avinash Gandham Dr Rajendar S Bhaskar Medical College Neck secondaries with occult primary in thyroid
P.1.E.A.B-8 Dr Elakkiya S Sri Venkateshwaraa M C. Pondicherry A rare presentation of hyalinizing trabecular tumor of thyroid gland
P.1.E.A.B-9 Dr Madhanagopalan K Dr Vaishnavi V
Dr Manikandan P
Madras Medical College, Chennai Rare case of ectopic thyroid tissue presenting as lateral neck mass
P.1.E.A.B-10 Dr Arul Kumaran Dr Anantharamakrishnan
Dr Senthil Kumar
Chettinad Hospital Parathyroid adenoma with severe osteoporosis
P.1.E.A.B-11 Dr Gaurav Chinappa Dr Ramya Dr Chandru Dr Rajiv Raj SRMC, Chennai A case of papillary carcinoma thyroid with tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis
P.1.E.A.B-12 Dr Smitha Rao Dr Zahir Hussain S Madras Medical College, Chennai A gland within a gland: a rare case of intrathyroidal parathyroid adenoma
Station 3
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.HPB.A.A-1 Dr Preshak Dwivedy Dr Jagadamba Sharan
Dr Atul Kumar
Rohilkhand Medical College, Bareilly Rare presentation of GB lump in Left Hypochondrium in a case of Situs Inversus Totalis
P.1.HPB.A.A-2 Dr Jothi Prasad V Dr Sarveswaran V
Dr Surees Kumar
Dr Anand Bharathan
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore Adult undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of Liver
P.1.HPB.A.A-3 Dr Mannar Mannan G Dr Shanthi P.C Madras Medical College, Chennai A rare case of ascaris induced Pancreatitis
P.1.HPB.A.A-4 Dr Arvind Raj R Dr Ramalakshmi V
Dr Kannan Ross
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Insulinoma - Surgery cures neuropsychopenic symptoms - A case presentation
P.1.HPB.A.A-5 Dr Visweswara Reddy S Dr Sarveswaran V
Dr Surees Kumar
Dr Anand Bharathan
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Coimbatore A novel management of hepatolithiasis - Rare case series
P.1.HPB.A.A-6 Dr Vaishnavi V Nil Madras Medical College, Chennai Case of Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in a patient with Von Recklinghausen disease - A rare case report
P.1.HPB.A.A-7 Dr Sumit Raj Dr Mukesh V PMCH, Patna Laparoscopic versus open common bile duct exploration: A comparative and prospective study
P.1.HPB.A.A-8 Dr Naresh Kumar R Dr Santhi B
Dr Kannan R
Dr Anand L
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Forme Fruste Choledochal Cyst
P.1.HPB.A.A-9 Dr Mohamed Suhail A Annular pancreas causing gastric outlet obstruction in an infant: A case report
P.1.HPB.A.A-10 Dr Monisha G Dr Ajitha Bangalore Medical College A rare sequelae of pyogenic liver abcess presenting as interior
P.1.HPB.A.A-11 Dr Siddharth Vijay Kalke Revolutionizing the treatment in acute pancreatitis-
P.1.HPB.A.A-12 Dr Karthikeyan Dr Anand L
Dr Ramalakshmi V
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Cystic lesions of pancreas… A diagnostic and therapeutic challenge
Station 4
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.HPB.A.B-1 Dr Karthikeyan Dr Anand L
Dr Ramalakshmi V
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai A Day when my Liver "Had a Blast"
P.1.HPB.A.B-2 Dr Siddharth Vijay Kalke Lupus, Evans and Giant pseudocyst pancreas- A Brain Twister.
P.1.HPB.A.B-3 Dr Anish Kola A rare complication of amebic liver abscess- Small bowel obstruction.
P.1.HPB.A.B-4 Dr Krishna Kalyan Reddy J Curious case of a Gravid Pancreas causing gastric outlet obstruction
P.1.HPB.A.B-5 Dr Akshaya Sharma Intrahepatic perforation of the gallbladder causing liver abscesses: Case report
P.1.HPB.A.B-6 Dr Lakhami Chand Sinsinwar Technical difficulties in laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a case of cholelithiasis in situs inversus totalis
P.1.HPB.A.B-7 Dr Shrreya Akhil Rare case of gall bladder adenomyomatosis
P.1.HPB.A.B-8 Dr Akshatha H Dr Shridhar M ESIC-MC&PGIMSR FRANTZ Tumor- A rare neoplasm of the exocrine pancreas
P.1.HPB.A.B-9 Dr Ridham Ashokbhai Khanderia None Shri M.P Shah MC, Jamnagar, Gujarat A prospective study for comparing Early versus Delayed laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 50 patients of acute calculus cholecystitis
P.1.HPB.A.B-10 Dr Sangram S. Dabholkar Dr Khayallpa RR D.Y.Patil H & R Institute, Kolhapur Surgical site infection in laproscopic cholecysytectomy compared to open cholecysytectomy
P.1.HPB.A.B-11 Dr Sruthii K.S.L Solitary fibrous tumor of pancreas- A rare case
P.1.HPB.A.B-12 Dr Abdul Kaiyum Khan Coexistence of periampullary carcinoma and breast carcinoma-Search for missing link: A case report
Station 5
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.HPB.A.C-1 Dr Suril Upendra Vithalani Dr Nagabhushan J S BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore A rare case of cystic duct and IHBR dilatation with normal CBD
P.1.HPB.A.C-2 Dr Balaji E NIL Stanley Medical College, Chennai Liver abscess with inferior vena caval thrombus with extension into right atrium masquerading as a HCC – A rare complication of a common problem
P.1.HPB.A.C-3 Dr Rizwan Ahmed P Dr Gopi E.V Dr Rajesh GMC Kozhikode A case of cholangiocarcinoma which underwent left hepatectomy
P.1.HPB.A.C-4 Dr Ritik Hooda Dr Ankit Jain Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Management of cholelithiasis in a case of situs inversus totalis: A challenging entity for surgeons
P.1.HPB.A.C-5 Dr Uday Kumar N Dr Shivakumar S JSS Medical College, Mysuru Choledochal cyst with choledocholithiasis with dilated pancreatic duct: A case report
P.1.HPB.A.C-6 Dr Vivek Viswanath Dr Vineet Tippisetty Kasturba Medical College Mangalore, Manipal Rare case of primary neuroendocrine tumor of liver
P.1.HPB.A.C-7 Dr Lakshay Singla Dr Sharvari Pujari
Dr Bhushan Bhole
Dr Prabhu R.Y
Dr Chetan Kantharia
KEM Hospital, Mumbai Bilioenteric anastamosis following bile duct injury
P.1.HPB.A.C-8 Dr Sajan Sehgal Dr Nandini Singh Tanwar JSS Medical College, Mysuru Chronic calcific pancreatitis- A rare case of a large solitary main pancreatic duct stone
P.1.HPB.A.C-9 Dr Raksha R Dr Akhil Hazari K. S. Hegde Medical Academy AN unusual case of large subcapsular intrahepatic collection with air-fluid level following blunt trauma to abdomen
P.1.HPB.A.C-10 Dr Subhra Banerjee Dr Swarnadeep Tarafdar Medical College Hospital, Kolkata Spontaneous rupture of hepatic hemangioma : A case report
P.1.HPB.A.C-11 Dr Suhail Ahmed Neuroendocrine tumour of gall bladder
P.1.HPB.A.C-12 Dr Karthikeyan Dr Anand L
Dr Ramalakshmi V
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Serous cystadenoma of pancreas - Thorough discussion
Station 6
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.HPB.A.D-1 Dr Abhishek Anand Dr Ashok Kumar Basu
Dr Banerjee T.J
Rare surgical cause of progressive jaundice
P.1.HPB.A.D-2 Dr Sameer Manohar Dr Ratna Chopra
Dr Satyendra Vardhinedi P.V
Dr Shailendra Kumar Maurya
Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi Liver laceration : A challenge to the surgeon in management
P.1.HPB.A.D-3 Dr Kanika Sanjay Kapur Biliary collection presenting as GREY TURNER Sign
P.1.HPB.A.D-4 Dr Pranav Mohan Singhal Rupture of hepatic hydatid cyst into the transverse colon with peritoneal hydatidosis
P.1.HPB.A.D-5 Dr Arun Kumar G Elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy with or without drain
P.1.HPB.A.D-6 Dr Jayanth KS Distal pancreas and spleen-preserving central pancreatectomy in a locally aggressive solid pseudopapillary neoplasm of pancreas - A novel technique? Extended WARSHAW Technique
P.1.HPB.A.D-7 Dr Nitin Oommen Ninan A case of completion cholecystectomy for residual cholelithiasis
P.1.HPB.A.D-8 Dr Monaiza Sharmeen Inguinoscrotal swelling : An uncommon presentation of pancreatitis
P.1.HPB.A.D-9 Dr Preethi S Laprascopic management of traumatic pancreatic pesodocyst
P.1.HPB.A.D-10 Dr Venu Subramani Pseudo cyst in an unusual site
P.1.HPB.A.D-11 Dr Kushal Kumar TR Problematic dropped gall stone
P.1.HPB.A.D-12 Dr Vidya Lakshmi Infected Pancreatic Necrosis due to acute severe pancreatitis
Station 7
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.HPB.A.E-1 Dr Tanay Neelang Shah A case of extensive liver injury managed successfully
P.1.HPB.A.E-2 Dr Muzamil Ahmed Simultaneous occurrence of hepatic hydatid cyst and mucinous cystadenoma of the liver in a middle-aged female patient: Report of a rare case
P.1.HPB.A.E-3 Dr Aravinth Ram M Bilioma due to blunt liver trauma
P.1.HPB.A.E-4 Dr Abu Horairah Co existence of hydatid cyst with cholelithiasis
P.1.HPB.A.E-5 Dr Manoj A Hydatid cyst of liver A case report
P.1.HPB.A.E-6 Dr Sampath Kumar K Solid pseudopapillary tumor: A rare neoplasm of the pancreas
P.1.HPB.A.E-7 Dr Dhawal Panchal GMS, Bhavnagar Blunt abdominal trauma with pancreatic injuries
P.1.HPB.A.E-8 Dr Deepak Kumar Das Dr Bhoj S.S
Dr Arunima Mukhopadhyay
Calcutta National Medical College An unusual case of peritonitis - Spontaneous rupture of a cavernous hepatic hemangioma - A case report
P.1.HPB.A.E-9 Dr Naveen Kumar S A rare case of ectopic liver tissue on gall bladder
P.1.HPB.A.E-10 Dr Pooja S. Nair Dr Benny Punchakonam C. S. I. Medical college, Karakonam Rare case of pancreatitis
P.1.HPB.A.E-11 Dr Prakash S Kattimani Dr Abhishek BMCRI, Bangalore The fate of spilled gallstone-Rare presentation, managed by MIS
P.1.HPB.A.E-12 Dr Sharon Alex Dr Shashikant Tiwari
Dr Tushar Suroshe
Dr Shikha Shukla
Dr Vidhu Shekhar Khare
Dr Anuradha Choudhary
Dr Mahim Koshariya
Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal Wandering gallstone: A rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction (BOUVERET’S Syndrome)
Station 8
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.HPB.A.F-1 Dr Satthishh Egappan A.R Dr Giridhar C Sri Venkateshwaraa MC, Puducherry A rare case of pseudo papillary tumor of pancreas (FRANTZ TUMOR)
P.1.HPB.A.F-2 Dr Upendra Singh Dr Ajay Y Joshi Index Medical College, Indore Case of pulmonary and hepatic hydatid cyst in a 4 year old female
P.1.HPB.A.F-3 Dr Ajay Kumar Thangaraj Dr Senthil kumar Chettinad Hospitals Rare case of recurrent hepatolithiasis
P.1.HPB.A.F-4 Dr Praveena S NIL KIMS, Hubli Rare case of carcinoid tumor at Ampulla of Vater: A histological surprise
P.1.HPB.A.F-5 Dr Satyaprakash Kuila Dr Bodhisattwa Bose
Dr Sauvik Basak
Dr Chandan Roy Choudhury
NRS Medical College, Kolkata Metastatic pancreatitis
P.1.HPB.A.F-6 Dr Sivarahini G Dr Shruthi Kamal
Dr Kannan
Dr Anbalagan
Saveetha Medical College, Chennai Giant hepatic hemangioma
P.1.HPB.A.F-7 Dr Ankit Raj Dr Mahesh S Shetty
Dr Sunil Kumar B.B
JSS Medical College, Mysuru Intrapancreatic accessory spleen mimicking as a nonsecreting pancreatic neuro endocrine tumor : A single case report
P.1.HPB.A.F-8 Dr Harsha Narayan Dr Uday Kumar JSS Hospital, Mysore Gallbladder metaplasia masquerading as cholelithiasis
P.1.HPB.A.F-9 Dr Farheen Rehana Dr Ranajana Patware R D Gardi Medical College , Ujjain A rare case of dermoid cyst of pancreas
P.1.HPB.A.F-10 Dr Prasanna Manickam S NIL Saveetha Medical College, Chennai A rare case of rupture pseudocyst of pancreas-posterior cystogastrostomy as an emergency procedure – a case report
P.1.HPB.A.F-11 Dr Deepika C A Dr Shivananda Prabhu H
Dr Poornachandra Thejeswi D.S
Dr Jyothi Kini
Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore A rare case of biliary hamartoma
P.1.HPB.A.F-12 Dr Madhavakumaran P Madras Medical College, Chennai A rare case of frantz tumor of pancreas
Station 9
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.H.A.A-1 Dr Nameer Faiz Dr Krishna Gopal
Dr Mukesh Kumar
IGIMS, Patna Case of obturator hernia presenting with sub-acute intestinal obstruction
P.1.H.A.A-2 Dr Suresh Kumar M Dr Maruthupandian D
Dr Latha D
Dr Saravanan C
Dr Thirumalaikannan S
Madurai Medical College An unusual presentation of lumbar hernia - Petit's Hernia
P.1.H.A.A-3 Dr Vishal Modh A case of primary lumbar hernia
P.1.H.A.A-4 Dr Sruthii KSL Meckel’s Diverticulum In An Incarcerated Direct Inguinal Hernia-Surgical Surprise
P.1.H.A.A-5 Dr Narender Kumar Yadav Left paraduodenal hernia with malrotation of gut- A case report
P.1.H.A.A-6 Dr Bathala Udayee Teja Mesoappendix hernia: An unusual internal hernia
P.1.H.A.A-7 Dr Pradushana V P Spigelian Hernia
P.1.H.A.A-8 Dr Akriti Tulsian Appendicular abscess tracking into the scrotum through a hernial sac
P.1.H.A.A-9 Dr Omkar Mahendra Shirke Transverse aberrant testicular maldescent with inguinal hernia - A rare case
P.1.H.A.A-10 Dr Anshu Rawat Eare case of paraumbilical Richters hernia
P.1.H.A.A-11 Dr Irfan Sagir Ansari A case of giant inguinal hernia- A case report
P.1.H.A.A-12 Dr Naveen Kumar Obstructed Spigelian hernia : A case report
Station 10
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.H.A.B-1 Dr Sanjit Prasad Dr Samput Mallick NRS Medical College , Kolkata  A unusual case of internal herniation of small intestine to urinary bladder
P.1.H.A.B-2 Dr Dileep N Mesh erosion in to lateral wall of urinary bladder following laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair – A case report
P.1.H.A.B-3 Dr Piyush Patwa An Unusual RIF Hernia – Laparoscopic TAPP Repair
P.1.H.A.B-4 Dr Madhavakumaran P Madras Medical College, Chennai A rare case of traumatic Spigelian hernia
P.1.H.A.B-5 Dr Jagruti Jagmohan Gulati A.C.P.M Medical College Case report – A rare case of a baby born with obstructed inguinal hernia in North Maharashtra
P.1.H.A.B-6 Dr Parivallal D Dr Prakash SRMC, Chennai A case report of primary lumbar hernia – Seldom seen by surgeons
P.1.H.A.B-7 Dr Annappa Kamath Dr Rajendra Mandia SMS Medical College, Jaipur Transabdominal extraperitoneal laparoscopic repair of lumbar hernia
P.1.H.A.B-8 Dr Niranjana B NIL Coimbatore Medical College An interesting case of inguinal hernia
P.1.H.A.B-9 Dr Lohith S Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain A case of rare content in inguinal hernial sac
P.1.H.A.B-10 Dr Mahadeva I Banakaruf Kalakanavara Dr Rajendra G C JJM Medical College, Davangere A case report on a rare case of AMYAND’S hernia
P.1.H.A.B-11 Dr Shashank Sunil Kari Nil JN Medical College, Belagavi A rare case report of extra-abdominal malignancy presenting as inguinal hernia
P.1.H.A.B-12 Dr Dinesh Kumar Sathanantham Dr Prakash Dave Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College Dermoid cyst a rare encounter as a irreducible inguinal hernia : A rare case report
Station 11
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.H.A.C-1 Dr Chaitanya Krishna Ponnaganti An interesting and rare case report of AMYAND’S hernia
P.1.H.A.C-2 Dr Madhavi Shreekanth Nayak Scrotal abdomen: Bigger is not always better!
P.1.H.A.C-3 Dr Tanay Neelang Shah Reduction en masse of inguinal hernia – A rare case report
P.1.H.A.C-4 Dr Harikrishnan M A rare case of perforated appendix in Amyand’s hernia
P.1.H.A.C-5 Dr Manu Jose A case report on mesenteric fibromatosis presenting as irreducible inguinal hernia
P.1.H.A.C-6 Dr Arul Kumaran Dr Karunanithi
Dr Aravind
Chettinad Hospital A rare case of amyands hernia containing inflammed appendix
P.1.H.A.C-7 Dr Ikrar Ali Dr Bhuvan GMC, Haldwani Amyand’s hernia in Infant
P.1.H.A.C-8 Dr Aju James Ashok PIMS, Pondicherry Quasi experimental study between 2 Butyl Cyanoacrylate and conventional sutures in skin closure of inguinal hernia patients
P.1.H.A.C-9 Dr Ishita Katyal Dr Vinay Prasad Grant Medical College, Mumbai Leiomyoma of ovary as presenting as right inguinal hernia
P.1.H.A.C-10 Dr Jesila Priya Dr Sarveswaran V
Dr Surees Kumar S
Dr Deepthi Pravallika
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore Case Series - Internal Abdominal Hernia
P.1.H.A.C-11 Dr Yamini Deepthi Adigarla Dr Surya Kiran I Eluru, Medical College Giant inguino-scrotal hernia and its management with preoperative progressive pneumoperitoneum.
P.1.H.A.C-12 Dr Amrish ram Reddy Dr Challam Bhaskar Medical College Cough impulse in a tumor : Aggressive angiomyxoma presenting as a gluteal hernia
Station 12
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.A-1 Dr Sourav Kumar Patra Dr Amit Agrawal AFMC, Pune Disseminated mucormycosis: Is it always fatal?
P.1.M.A.A-2 Dr Joyner Abraham M Dr Subangi K.G
Dr Saravanakumar G
Dr Gokulnath Premchand K.S
Dr Rani R
Madurai Medical College An interesting case of actinomycosis foot
P.1.M.A.A-3 Dr Aarthi V S Dr Ramadoss
Dr Usha Dorairajan
Madras Medical College, Chennai Emergency surgical management of two rare cases of flood syndrome
P.1.M.A.A-4 Dr Ashwin Raja A Nil J J M Medical College, Davangere Cystic hygroma of the spermatic cord: Hidden mystery
P.1.M.A.A-5 Dr Navya Dr Uma Maheshwar Rao
Dr Raj Kumar
Konaseema Inst. of Med. Scie, Amalapuram A rare case of Pseudomeigs Syndrome
P.1.M.A.A-6 Dr Malavika K Dr Vivekananda Subramania Nathan K
Dr Arun Kumar
Dr Nandhan Prashanth
Shri Sathya Sai Medical College, Kanchipuram A rare case of pilonidal sinus of the umbilicus
P.1.M.A.A-7 Dr Soumya Shree Dr Ashok Gopinath Sree Mookambika Ins. of Med Sciences A rare case of Bowen disease in thigh
P.1.M.A.A-8 Dr Ashwin Raja A Nil J J M Medical College, Davangere Scar Endometriosis: A diagnostic dilemma in General Surgery
P.1.M.A.A-9 Dr Shubha Lakshmi K Dr Venkatramna
Dr Shashidar Rao
Chalmeda Anand Rao Ins. Of Medical Sciences Giant pleomorphic adenoma of parotid gland: An unusual presentation
P.1.M.A.A-10 Dr Jaya Sakthi S Dr Lalith Kumar
Dr Gokul D Y
Shri Sathya Sai Medical College, Kanchipuram An interesting case of recurrent BCC
P.1.M.A.A-11 Dr Ruthrendra E Dr Authy K
Dr Chidambaram J
Dr Umaakanth S
Dr Emil P
Pondicherry Inst. Of Medical Sciences Retroperitnoeal leiomyosarcoma - A case report
P.1.M.A.A-12 Dr Bushra Khan Dr Raghavendra Prasad G
Dr Subha Rao J V
Deccan Ins. Of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad Parapharyngeal massess in infancy and childhood
Station 13
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.B-1 Dr Soumya Shree Dr Sivasubramanyam S Sree Mookambika Ins. of Med Sciences Cervical C2-C3 intramedullary Sol - Gross total excision using a posterior approach
P.1.M.A.B-2 Dr Malavika K Dr Vivekananda Subramania Nathan K
Dr Arun Kumar
Dr Nandhan Prashanth
Shri Sathya Sai Medical College, Kanchipuram Rare case od Desmoid tumour of rectus abdominis
P.1.M.A.B-3 Dr Bushra Khan Dr Raghavendra Prasad G
Dr Subha Rao J V
Deccan Ins. Of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad Congenital immature teratoma of testis in an infant - A Rare case
P.1.M.A.B-4 Dr Abhilash L Dr Peddi Manjunath BMCRI, Bangalore A case of leptomeningeal cyst
P.1.M.A.B-5 Dr Mannar Mannan G Dr Shanti P.S Madras Medical College, Chennai A rare case of huge extra intestinal gist arising from lesser omentum
P.1.M.A.B-6 Dr Jerin Evangelin Frank Dr Ramalakshmi V
Dr Kannan Ross
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Mysterious Neck Swelling
P.1.M.A.B-7 Dr Joyner Abraham M Dr Subangi K.G
Dr Saravanakumar G
Dr Gokulnath Premchand K S
Dr Rani R
Madurai Medical College Complex vesicovaginal fistula
P.1.M.A.B-8 Dr Arun Malviya Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal Paraumbilical perforator based flap
P.1.M.A.B-9 Dr Affan Iqbal Dr Ravishanker H.R
Dr Lakshman K
Dr Munireddy
Sagar Hospital, Bangalore A patients perspective communication
P.1.M.A.B-10 Dr Dheeraj Vishwakarma Dr Jenaw R K SMS Medical College, Jaipur A rare case of recurrent large neck liposarcoma
P.1.M.A.B-11 Dr Dilip Rajasekharan Apollo BGS Hospital, Mysore A rare presentation of a symptomatic supratentorial ependymoma in an adolescent
P.1.M.A.B-12 Dr Arvind Raj R Dr Ramalakshmi V
Dr Kannan Ross
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai Giant Lipoma thigh - A case report
Station 14
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.C-1 Dr Vysakh C N Dr Ranjith Calicut Medical College Shah - Wardenberg Syndrome - A rare case report
P.1.M.A.C-2 Dr Premkumar D Nil Asian Ins. of Med. S & T, Malaysia How to remove non radio opaque foreign bodies under ultrasound guidance?
P.1.M.A.C-3 Dr Sangamesh Dr Shafiuddin Gulbarga Ins. of Med Scie, Kalaburagi Social animal bites in a non-social way: A profile of human bite cases at GIMS, Kalaburagi (H-K region)
P.1.M.A.C-4 Dr Alok Ranjan Rohilkhand MC & H Bareilly How far the laboratory risk indicator for necrotizing fascitis (LRINEC) score validate for early diagnosis of necrotizing fascitis
P.1.M.A.C-5 Dr Ankur Varma RIPASA VS ALVARADO .. Time to change !
P.1.M.A.C-6 Dr Dileep Nagaraj Spontaneous rupture of a leiomyoma causing life-threatening intra-abdominal hemorrhage following trauma
P.1.M.A.C-7 Dr Kaushik Bhattacharya Vagal nerve Schwanomma – A rare case from BSF Composite Hospital
P.1.M.A.C-8 Dr Arshad Baba Perineal scar endometriosis
P.1.M.A.C-9 Dr Pradeep Balineni A rare case of retroperitoneal malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor
P.1.M.A.C-10 Dr Sam Koruth Dr Bharat Arun
Dr Nidhin N
Dr Vimal lype
Dr Santhosh John Abraham
Lourdes Hospital, Kochi BOWENS Disease -Natal cleft
P.1.M.A.C-11 Dr Meera Goutham Hypothyroidism as a risk factor for choledocholithiasis: A case-control study in an Indian population
P.1.M.A.C-12 Dr Varun T N A case of myasthenia gravis treated with thymectomy
Station 15
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.D-1 Dr Dilip Rajasekharan Apollo BGS Hospital, Mysore An interesting presentation of a symptomatic suprasellar meningioma
P.1.M.A.D-2 Dr Hareesh H D JSS Medical College Retroperitoneal cystic lymphangioma in an adult: A case report of a rare clinical entity
P.1.M.A.D-3 Dr Amaresh Chandra Nayak Nil Armed Forces Medical College Atypical presentation of madura foot with inguinal lymph node involvement - A case report & Review of Literature
P.1.M.A.D-4 Dr Vinay Kumar S Dr Balaji Pai S BMC & RI, Bangalore Fistula Not in Ano - CCF
P.1.M.A.D-5 Dr Prashanth A T Dr Rajashekara Reddy
Dr Ravishankar H R
Dr Sachin D Nale
Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore Sternal Mass - A diagnostic dilemma
P.1.M.A.D-6 Dr Abdul Basith Dr Manmeet Singh
Dr Venugopal
Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore Isolated bilateral oculomotor nerve palsy after head injury - Rare presentation
P.1.M.A.D-7 Dr Ajit Singh Oberoi Dr Rajinder Parshad
Dr Suhani
Dr Shivani Kapila
Dr Raju Sharma
AIIMS, New Delhi Tuberculosis is common but not always the culprit
P.1.M.A.D-8 Dr Radha Krishna V Dr Amutha P
Dr Rathinavel
Dr Meenakshi Sundaram
Madurai Medical College A rare case of spontaneous rupture of hydatid cyst
P.1.M.A.D-9 Dr Simranjit D Dr Shilpa Patankar Bharati Vidyapeeth Hosp, Pune Rare case of Ischiorectal abscess presenting as acute abdomen
P.1.M.A.D-10 Dr Manjunath P Mulgaonkar Primary intramuscular hydatid cyst
P.1.M.A.D-11 Dr Siddharth Vijay Kalke A figure of 8 stitch in time saves nine
P.1.M.A.D-12 Dr Nitin Kumar Jhalani Dr Bhupen Songra
Dr Vinod
Dr Parang
SMS Medical College, Jaipur Inguinal hydatid cyst: A rare case
Station 16
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.E-1 Dr Siddharth Vijay Kalke Purple glove syndrome: A nightmare
P.1.M.A.E-2 Dr Shreya Rajkumar Refractory atypical mycobacterial infection of the Abdominal Wall – A modern threat
P.1.M.A.E-3 Dr Monisha G Dr Harindranath H.R
Dr Manjunath B D
Bangalore Medical College A rare case of squamous cell CA arising from drain site enterocutaneos fistula - A care report
P.1.M.A.E-4 Dr Abhinav Shekhar Dr Chitranjan Prasad Sinha
Dr Dipendra Kumar Sinha
Dr Sanjay Kumar Yadav
RIMS, Ranchi Intra-gluteal cleft ulcer: A rare presentation of primary cutaneous Non Hodgkin's lymphoma
P.1.M.A.E-5 Dr Rishin Dutta HIPEC therapy-a new development to fight cancer Series of 3 cases
P.1.M.A.E-6 Dr Suresh Kumar Choudhary Laparoscopic removal of migrated intrauterine device embedded in posterior wall of vagina
P.1.M.A.E-7 Dr Ikroop Kaur Sahota Trichellemal carcinoma Scalp
P.1.M.A.E-8 Dr Karthik Velmurugan Pulsatile bone secondaries from carcinoma gastro-esophageal junction - A case Report
P.1.M.A.E-9 Dr Arunjeet K K Arteriovenous malformation presenting as incarcerated inguinal hernia : A case report
P.1.M.A.E-10 Dr Sri Lakshmi Kanthan P Scrofulous swelling of the bosom
P.1.M.A.E-11 Dr Adheesh Goriwal Study of thrombotic events in cancer patients A E878 A 30 patient series
P.1.M.A.E-12 Dr Akanksha Rajpoot A rare case of retroperitoneal teratoma in adults
Station 17
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.F-1 Dr Suman De An uncommon case of twin retroperitoneal lumps
P.1.M.A.F-2 Dr Harini Muthu Uncommon presenting as common – A diagnostic dilema
P.1.M.A.F-3 Dr Gaurav Panchal Giant melanocytic nevus face: A reconstructive challenge
P.1.M.A.F-4 Dr Suhas G Unique Case Of McKittrick Wheelock Syndrome
P.1.M.A.F-5 Dr Aju James Ashok A rare case of lipoma anterior neck mimicking a goitre - case report
P.1.M.A.F-6 Dr Sindhu Ekollu Mystery Cyst
P.1.M.A.F-7 Dr Sagar Ramesh Ambre Ranula in adult
P.1.M.A.F-8 Dr Kishan Rao B “A study of head injury patients in a tertiary care hospital of Tripura"
P.1.M.A.F-9 Dr Inampudi Sravya A rare case of leiomyosarcoma in a burn scar
P.1.M.A.F-10 Dr Shubhneet Singh Dr Ramchander Sabhawat Prathima Medical College, Karimnagar Membranous variant of basal cell adenoma of parotid - emphasis on clinical working diagnosis and review of literature
P.1.M.A.F-11 Dr Anjali Ravi Kumar Amala IMS, Thrissur A case of parotid abascess - Melioidosis
P.1.M.A.F-12 Dr Bushra Dr Santi Vardhini G
Dr Mallikarjun P
Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad KIMURA Disease – A case report on uncommon cause of cervical lymphadenopathy
Station 18
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.G-1 Dr Nikunj Nandan Lt Col Richa Joshi AFMC, Pune Oncocytic papillary cystadenoma parotid - a case report
P.1.M.A.G-2 Dr Spurthi Sanganaboina Angry young man syndrome
P.1.M.A.G-3 Dr Abhilash Madhavan Giant epidermal inclusion cyst of anterior abdominal wall
P.1.M.A.G-4 Dr Sujeeth Aroumodgame An unusal case of anterior abdominal wall tumor
P.1.M.A.G-5 Dr Parikshith Anterior abdominal wall myxoid liposarcoma – A rare presentation
P.1.M.A.G-6 Dr Prashanth Thalluri Facial nerve schwannoma mimicking parotid malignancy
P.1.M.A.G-7 Dr Kalpit Goriwal Rectal carcinoma presenting as Fournier’s gangrene: A rare case report
P.1.M.A.G-8 Dr Ranjith Kumar Sridhar SRMC, Chennai The use of nano-colloidal silver dressings in the management of diabetic foot ulcers: A prospective study
P.1.M.A.G-9 Dr Priyavadhana G M Dr Tirou Aroul
Dr Saravana Kumar
Dr Sowmiya
MGM MC, Pondicherry A rare presentation of dual primary malignancy
P.1.M.A.G-10 Dr Pradeep T.C Dr Sulfekar M.S GMC, Thiruvananthapuram Primary cutaneous apocrine adenocarcinoma
P.1.M.A.G-11 Dr Mahidhar N Dr BuddhaP.V Rangaraya M C, Kakkinada A rare case of giant cell tumour arising from muscle
P.1.M.A.G-12 Dr Soundarya VY Actinomycosis of abdominal wall: A rare case report
Station 19
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.H-1 Dr Prashant Nair Dr.Sulfekar Medical college Trivandrum What is hiding inside?
P.1.M.A.H-2 Dr Rahul Ravindra Singh Synchronous papilliary carcinoma of urinary bladder & signet ring cell carcinoma of stomach in a middle aged man. An extremely rare encounter with therapeutic dilemma
P.1.M.A.H-3 Dr Prakruti Patel A case presentation on cystic hygroma
P.1.M.A.H-4 Dr Jaya Kavya Nadiminti Dr Jayaraj C Dr Harivadan L Andhra Medical College Paraganglioma of lower limb – A rare case report
P.1.M.A.H-5 Dr Naina Kumar Agarwal Dr Rajendra Bagree
Dr Richa Jain
SMS Medical College, Jaipur Outcome of management of high output fistulas in abdominal surgeries with Re-feeding. An observational study
P.1.M.A.H-6 Dr Potturu Monikha Kurnool Medical College EPIGNATHUS –A rare case of teratoma from oral cavity
P.1.M.A.H-7 Dr Venkatesh K Dr Prabhu Hubli
Dr Guru Basavana Goud Y
VIMS, Ballari Tubercular osteomyelitis of sternum : An unusual presentation in adolescence
P.1.M.A.H-8 Dr Tejbir Singh Cutaneous tuberculosis is an infection caused by Mycobacterium complex
P.1.M.A.H-9 Dr Venkatachalam V Skin nodules – Marker for underlying solid tumours- Case series
P.1.M.A.H-10 Dr Vinay S Synovial sarcoma of thigh : A rare case report
P.1.M.A.H-11 Dr Arcahana C S Clinical presentation and outcome following a MONTGOMERY T Tube insertion in a patient with tracheal stenosis - A retrospective analysis
P.1.M.A.H-12 Dr Ann Rhoda Abraham Tubercular parotitis
Station 20
Code Name of Author Names of Co-authors Institution Title
P.1.M.A.I-1 Dr Venkatachalam V Recurrent oncocytoma of parotid gland - A rare case report
P.1.M.A.I-2 Dr Y C Veerabhadra Gowd Rectus sheath haematoma secondary to enoxaparin injection - A rare case report
P.1.M.A.I-3 Dr Ann Rhoda Abraham Faux Pas Du Coit
P.1.M.A.I-4 Dr Aniruddha Ranjit Desai Broaden your horizon, every case is NOT Tuberculosis!!!
P.1.M.A.I-5 Dr Prabir Deka Myoepithelial carcinoma of soft tissue
P.1.M.A.I-6 Dr Bestine Varghese Out of place
P.1.M.A.I-7 Dr Rahul B. Kadam Dr Mayuresh Deshpande D.Y.Patil Hospital & RI Kolhapur Vaginoplasty using amniotic membrane in vaginal agenesis
P.1.M.A.I-8 Dr Kavya T A rare case report of IUCD causing umbilical sinus
P.1.M.A.I-9 Dr Eldo George A rare case of a desmoid tumour of the anterior abdominal wall in a young lady – managed by laparoscopic-assisted wide local excision
P.1.M.A.I-10 Dr Subbiah T.S Facial actinomycosis : The great masquerader
P.1.M.A.I-11 Dr Prashant Girijavallabhan Nair What is hiding inside?
P.1.M.A.I-12 Dr Venu Subramani Non tubercular causes of retropertoneal abscess

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